Advertising and Tracking Software: Advice needed

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I have a problem that I am struggling with. I did not found out how to accomplish this completely. It has to do with advertising. Is there any software that can help me to track every step I do in advertising?

For example, I will advertise for a Web page where I would like to promote products that I am affiliate to. I decide to promote for this web page in some safelists. I put up two ads, one for a classified ad and one for a solo ad. I have also decided to use a specific advertiser provider. This could for example be

In another case, I have developed a separate product. I wish to promote this in a different safelist with advertiser provider. This could for example be

What I'm looking for is a type of software that can help me to keep track of my ads. Key words here can be: Which product I promote, which advertiser provider, target group, the date of publication, cost, roi, and so on.

With a software like that I will be able to get control and see what is the most effective places to advertise.

Any good advices on this one?

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