Very confused about automatic RSS submission programs

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I have several questions and I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me figure this out:

1. When you publish an RSS feed, doesn't it automatically fetch the feed from then on? If so, I don't understand why I can't simply get a list of places and send them in. For that matter, I don't understand why people don't ask for refunds after running their sites through these programs just once.

2. Why wouldn't my feeds end up ranking higher than my own blog? Or should I only send out a partial feed to these places?

3. Does something like RSS Bot do anything else for me other than just automate submitting my feed? And wouldn't I anyway ideally want it submitted manually so it looks right?

4. If there is a value in using these automated programs, is there anything available which is free?

Thanks in advance for helping me to understand these things
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    Here is my understanding of these things.

    Some RSS feeds update on their own as you add new content. Some do not. At heart they are another file format like doc, or html or txt, RSS feeds are xml files. You can certainly get a list of places to submit your feed to and do it on your own. Some offer refunds and some do not.

    I think that it is possible that they might wind up ranking higher than your blog, but I would be surprised to hear that happened very often. Its more in the "anything is possible" category.

    Auto submitters are supposed to save you time and effort. They are supposed to mimic natural submission. I would suspect that some do this better than others.

    I do not personally know of any free rss submitters.

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    1. Some feed agregators DO come back automatically, soome do not.

    2. Ranking for what? A search on a feed site or a search from a search engine? Typically search engines dont list feeds in their results.

    3. The bots are helpful and are made to look natural.

    4. Answered in #3.

    Additionally, as you update your blog, which should be reflected in your feed, you'll want to ping feed agregators to notify them that there are updates. This might be what you're getting at in question #1.
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