Ezine articles difficult question?

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Hello guys,

I was wondering if there is any way to find for what keywords does an article from Ezine ranks page 1 or close to that in google.

Thanks a lot.

Regards, Marian
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    You can get an "idea" using the "Article Traffic Finder" tool on my site. See my sig. If you're a techie, you can "scrape" pages on Google using tons of keywords.
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    I am not aware of a method of determining the exact list of keywords that an article will get first page rankings for, but you may find it useful to know what keywords Google associates with any given article. If you are already aware of this technique, please forgive me, as I am just trying to be of assistance to you.
    Step 1: Navigate to the article.

    Step 2: Copy the complete article URL

    Step 3: Go to

    Step 4: Paste the URL of the article into the website URL query box:

    Step 5: Click Search. The list of keywords that emerges are keywords that Google has deemed to be LSI relevant to the article's webpage.
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      Originally Posted by Aruna29 View Post

      Sorry,I don't know about the tool for keywords.
      May I ask why you felt the need to comment then? :confused:

      Dupois, adding onto what Nevik has said...

      This is another tool you can use that I recently saw in another thread.

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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        Yes, that tool for keyword is a big help. I used that before, its a simple tool so you need not to worry on learning it. Actually there are lots of keywords that can get the highest rank, but it will still up to you on how you promote it.
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    Thanks Nevik! That was a big help!
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