Whats your biggest tip for affiliate marketers?

by imfusa
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Like the question says: "Whats your biggest tip for affiliate marketers?".
And i mean anything you can think about, regarding affiliate marketing.
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    I did not get much success from affiliate marketing, till this moment. So my tip is simple, write the great content and leave it there. Do nothing. Just concentrate on the 'content', forget the rest.
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    Drive a lot of targeted traffic to an offer that converts and that provides value for the end user.
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      Originally Posted by JamesPenn View Post

      Drive a lot of targeted traffic to an offer that converts and that provides value for the end user.
      I agree with this completely. If you are just starting out then I highly recommend starting with one Wordpress blog that targets a "buying keyword".

      Go to an affiliate network like Clickbank and pick a product that is selling well. Target a buying keyword which does not necessarily have to be the name of the product as that can be too competitive or not have enough traffic.

      For example if you were promoting a diet program then a buying keyword would simply be "diet program". Build one blog targeting that one buying keyword.

      Forget about building any other blogs. One is fine for a beginner who is not making a dime. Devote a month to building quality and unique content for the site.

      Learn everything you can about the product and the topic it is based on. Actually buying the product is very good so you can give an honest review on it once the site starts to rank.

      Build as many quality backlinks to it as you can. Make it all look natural. Forget about any software that magically builds hundreds of backlinks in a day. If you are broke then just do it manually.

      Over time you should create a nice bonus that you made so you can offer it to your targeted visitors once they visit your site.

      Seriously making money does not happen overnight. F$%k the fads like the "push button softwares". It is a trap. It will eat away the precious time you have.

      Devote a month to building as many quality backlinks and content for your site and make sure you rank for that buying keyword. Make an offer with your bonus and presell the visitors.

      Have focus. DO NOT get side tracked. DO NOT get discouraged. Keep focusing on that one blog dang it.

      Hope this helped.

      "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." - Bruce Lee

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    pick offers that truly do provide value, build content, build links, and most importantly after you do that - Build a big list to re-market to and keep a relationship with!
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      Originally Posted by SmartHealthShop View Post

      pick offers that truly do provide value, build content, build links, and most importantly after you do that - Build a big list to re-market to and keep a relationship with!

      A big secret of affiliate marketers is depend on their LIST...valuable & targeted list..give away freebies in order to get a thousand of list..and make a good relationship with them...this is actually for your long term profit..
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        Be prepared to work hard and invest a little. Find something that you enjoy and stick with it.

        Well, that worked for me anyway.

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          Provide good content and create trust... Then introduce your products to them.

          [B]Get free resources for Entrepreneurs and Startups.

          Check out our collection of Product and Business Reviews?

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        • Without a doubt it is to Take action, and stick to the plan! I can't tell you how many people get this wrong and fail. I did the first 3 times I tried affiliate marketing. Over the last 6 months I've stuck to a fixed plan and am finally seeing some results. I'm not talking $50k a month or anything, but perhaps a few years from now I will be there.
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    Build a list. Give away free offers and get people to opt in. Then instead of showing them your affiliate offers once today, you can show them multiple offer over a much longer period of time.

    If you're just getting started, look into how to build a list. It's the best thing you can do online.
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    Make sure you pick an 'evergreen' niche and take your time doing thorough research of keywords.
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    • Build niche-specific lists
    • Pick VERY carefully what you promote. Quality is a must
    • Create your own sales funnels for products that convert well
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    Quality before quantity.

    Serve your readers -- be their protector -- and earn their trust.
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    quality before quantity....you can write 20 product reviews a day but if they arent of quality, they wont convert!

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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      Offer a free report to get the opt in...then pitch the product near the end of the free report! Works very well. For those who don't buy...follow up via email and increase your conversions by many multiples.

      Then, after people have bought...sell them further similar affiliate products.

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        Good tips!
        I do voice over work... here's a SAMPLE
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    Be focused and determined at what you do. You may do a lot of different things to get different income streams but just stay focused on one at a time.

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    Targeted traffic is key.

    Also the biggest thing I learned in any area of internet marketing is just stay with it don't give up to easily.
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    Promote good products - ones you use or would use.
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    my biggest advice would be to know what buyers are after, do not try and sell them on anything but to inform them as best as possible, and make sure that they have a rewarding experience when they come to your website.

    So many affiliate marketers start a website and start selling to websites visitors as soon as they land on their blog. What they forget to do is address the very reasons why the person has landed on their website; to find out more information about a problem that they have, and a way to solve it, rather than selling them on something as soon as they land.

    It is easier to sell to people if your domain name is product based. However, if your domain name is more generic then you must make sure to build a relationship first and to build trust with people landing on your website.

    A great way, of course, to do this is by offering something for free such as a report, the video, or video lessons.

    Hope this helps.


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    Use squeeze pages and drive as much traffic as you can to them. Work on your business everyday and try to focus on one thing at a time. Once you become good at one traffic method start with another one so that you can have more and more traffic sources.
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    Why not create your own product ? I wouldn't want to split 50/50 profit ...
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    Promote offers that you KNOW convert!

    there's obviously a lot more to it, but if I had to pick one piece of advice that makes the biggest difference in income - that's it.
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      Yes, as Dustin says - promote products that sell.

      Key to success in AM is to sell what is already selling. Don't go into untapped niches. Position yourself in a hot and hungry market - an already successful niche.
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    Test and optimize everything, and never stop testing.

    Nothing is a failure, unless you give up. There has been so many times where people give up on something that could have been very profitable, because they didn't take the time to test.

    Test different content types, different colors, positions of links - call to action, all areas of design, different traffic sources... including different keywords, and even the offer itself.

    Testing separates the truly successful from those who just barely get by.
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      FIRST. Identify a Hungry Reachable Buying Audience
      SECOND. ALWAYS Deliver Amazing Content
      THIRD. Position yourself as an authority in your niche.
      FOURTH. Always offer a High Value Solution to your customers
      FIFTH. And have a strategic offer sequence setup with all your niches
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