Facebook - Stay with old group, or start new fanpage?

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Hi Folks,
Working towards a new project - I set up an old FB group for it, but was wondering if I should stick with that, or go for the new fanpage.
I think I'm right that with the new profiles, you can post as the new fanpage, is that right?

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    I had a client recently that had same problem. She was up to 3000 members in the group. I recommended that she start a fan page, and then send out a bunch of invites to the group members to join the fan page over the course of 2-4 weeks, and then retire the group page.
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    I don't think it will matter to much if its a page, profile or group

    I have many and the biggest are the old groups which continue to grow
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      As far as I know they are for different purposes. A fan page is more of a personally run and branding type page while a group is more of a community thing.

      Why not do both? Link them together instead of retiring the group page.

      I would focus all your promotion on your new fan page since you have more control (I'm pretty sure you do anyway) but let the group grow virally and overflow into your fan page.
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    I agree with Bill. Invites are very effective if they were ever interested in what you were doing in the first place. But, like Tyson says, they are definitely complimentary.

    It seems to me that like pages are much more flexible, with more options (like the welcome page).

    Although you can't post on friend's walls with your page, you can use Facebook as page and post on all other pages. It is a very effective way to market, especially if you are engaging in friendly, helpful conversation and aren't blatantly spamming.
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      As I understand it, IF the Groups were created BEFORE Oct 2010, they operate under the old system. In the old system, the group owner has the ability send out mass messages to the group members. After Oct 2010, this is no longer possible.

      This is a POWERFUL Marketing Tool.

      People are actually BUYING pre-Oct 2010 groups. They then remove the previous members, and rename the Group to suit their marketing goals.

      For heavens sake, don't delete old groups! LOLOL

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    I suggest Fan Page because you can get a custom URL. I would keep the Group as well. You will have a better chance of growing Fan Page then Group. You can also interact with people as the Fan Page. This will help with growth as well.

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    • I have another question relating to this.
      I set up the group in advance of a project I ma now getting underway.
      I looked for inviting friends to join the group, but the only option I saw was to add friends myself.

      Didn't like the look of adding people rather than inviting them.

      With the new fanpages, can you invite people?

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  • You should move forward and embrace the new system.
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    Start a new fan page....you can have unlimited LIKES...and unlimited fan pages. If you do several for the same product you will get a good test of what is working. Then as you comment on other pages, comment from your fan page, so that you show your business information to the LIKES group, not you personal profile.
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