How To Make Money as a Freelance Web Worker, Selling Stock Files

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One of the business model anyone can make money with is stock files:

Some Internet Marketers knows that stock files are mostly associated with photography.
However, there are other brands of stock files which sellls such as flash, illustrations, audio, video, fonts, websites, domains and 3d etc

What Exactly is Stock?
Quickly, a stock file is a ready-made file usually sold out of a library that the buyer can browse through.

A buyer instead of commissioning a specific piece of work, would use a stock file instead. For example, a designer may due to budget and other reasons, buy a piece of photo from a stock file holders' library.

Stock files are however divided into two:
We have two types of stock files and they include Royalty Free and Rights Managed Stock.

A Royalty Free Stock is one that a buyer of your stock files will pay once for the item and so he is free to use it at all time without further compensations to you the seller or excuse.
Rights Managed on the other hand means they pay for every specific usage.

What rights will You Be Giving away?

Once you start selling stocks, you are actually yielding to their use in a variety of situations, not all of which you might be pleased about however.

What's Microstock?
Before now, stocks are priced in hundred of dollars, but sites like sell files for as little as one dollar.

It is easy to join MicroStock. All you have to do is to fill the form, run a quiz and that's all and start selling. Some of them might ask you to submit a few samples.

How Much Do You Make With This Business Model?

Stock file business is lucrative and paying. But it largely depends on the library you are selling through. As a seller, you will usually receive a percentage of each sale and this can vary from as little as 10% up to 95%.

Why Stock is Great Niche for Freelancers

If you are thinking of one great way to make money online as a freelancers, then stock selling is something you can fit into between jobs.

Simply put, you can always have leftovers from jobs that you can still sell. For instance, if you are a flash developer, photographer, you will often be able to extract parts of jobs you have done for clients and repackage it for sale as a stockfile flash stockfilephotos.

In the same vein, a photographer might be able to get a few extra photos while on location for a job, and provided they have the necessary rights they can then sell them on after the job.

A photographer can also take pictures of scenes in a city, location, nature and sell it online. If you have a great picture you have taken and would also want it to be for public, then consider selling it as stock files and make money with this model.

This business model provides a steady work from home income... God Bless you
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    Freelance web work entails:
    1. Stock files
    2. Web Hosting Subription Services
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    And just to add again,
    Freelance Writing
    Domain Reselling/Regsitration
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