Hard Disk crash warning software?

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Do you recommend any free software I can install on my PC that will warn me if the hard drive is about to crash?

Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know of any software off the top of my head that will do this but you can run checkdisk on windows machines or check the system logs for any signs of problems with the hard drive. Often though, a hard disk failure will come about suddenly and without warning. Always a good idea to back your stuff up on an external usb drive or even two. Prices are pretty low these days on usb drives.
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      I don't know any software to warn you of an advancing hard disk crash, but as far as backing up my computer, I use Norton Ghost to backup a mirror image of the hard drive on to my secondary hard drive. This includes the whole operating system and programs.

      If the hard drive fails, I simply install a new one, insert the Norton recovery disk, and in something like 30 minutes I'm back up and running again as if nothing had happened.

      I back up my all documents regularly on to an external hard drive with a free program called GFI Backup.
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    I don't think there such program which can predict a hard drive failure.

    I use acronis true image for back up and to restore, just like norton ghost but faster imo.
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      There is no such program I am aware of.
      My error messages always say:
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    I also don't think that there is a program that will warn you if your hard drive is about to kick the bucket. If you have a feeling that your hard drive is about to crap out on you back it up immediately and every time you do big project on it. Actually, back it up on a separate external hard drive whenever possible so you have a copy if it dies on you.
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