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I am after a wordpress theme and one that is good with SEO optimisation.

I know Michael Campbell recommends the Thesis theme but Profits Theme is a new one that sounds very impressive.

Which one is better in terms of SEO?


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    Doesn't really matter which one is "better in terms of SEO"...

    What does matter: what does your site need?

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    I have to vote for Profits Theme, works great for landing pages, haven't done membership pages yet though. In terms of SEO, I'm assuming you'd install All-In-One-SEO plugin anyway? Besides, on page SEO is just a few basic components and your off page SEO is what really counts
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      I like the free "Semiologic Reloaded" theme.
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      Originally Posted by remolina View Post

      You know that we similar to to keep we sensitive of a many appropriate ways to blog for profit...
      In many cases, that equates to vouchsafing we know how to equivocate rookie blogger mistakes that could price we a lot of money.
      I longed for to indicate out happens to be an additional inapplicable designation that a lot of commencement bloggers appear to make.
      This a single is all about thesis selection.
      As you've substantially already discovered, there have been a TON of giveaway as well as paid themes out there.
      In fact, themes for your blog have turn an attention in as well as of themselves.
      So, when we begin a latest blog, do not usually chuck up a little thesis we found in a couple of minutes... as well as NEVER, ever operate a default themes you'll see when we implement your latest blog.

      How long did it take to write this "masterpiece"?

      Can you sell us your spinner? I know about 1001 buyers for it in this forum

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    Well............I believe theme doesn't matter. The only thing required on your website is it should describe your product/service. It should be user friendly. It should have each and everything clearly what reader wants. AND AND AND most important thing is good SEO.
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    Hmmm well here is the way I look at it. Thesis is a great theme legendary but the major difference in regards to SEO is more a case of application on the back end. For instance with Profits Theme you can:

    Create a network of linking pages with custom specific design and use the optin popup for each page to popup different messages.

    Also you can create mini phantom product launch pages that are connected to each other and use the custom headline pages to greet them differently at the top.

    What I am saying is that I agree with everyone on the general SEO.
    But some clever tricks are much easier to do with PT
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      Originally Posted by darrenmonroe View Post

      But some clever tricks are much easier to do with PT
      Especially, when one has a sig link pointing to review + aff link :rolleyes:

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        Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

        Especially, when one has a sig link pointing to review + aff link :rolleyes:
        EXACTLY No secret not ashamed to tell you.
        I have never promoted a wordpress theme until now.

        But this one I compared to the others and made my decision.
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          Darren -

          Here's a suggestion.

          If you love Profit Themes so much get a domain like Profitthemesbonus or Profitthemereview.com

          Then shoot a video for it, show them some sites in action, etc.

          Then get some articles made, do some backlinking, etc

          Do that and post on the internet review forum your experience with Profit Themes.

          That way you can get some affiliate commissions without getting heckled.

          Good luck.


          PS: I have both but I can't make a recommendation. I'm waiting to play with PT more.
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        Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

        Especially, when one has a sig link pointing to review + aff link :rolleyes:
        I definitly love Profit theme because of the features and the SEO too ( no need for All-in-one-seo...) Very easy to insert optin form and call to action buttons and buy buttons ( different styles to choose too ..) ready made inside the theme , plus you can use any autoresponder( just insert the code !) landing pages , squeeze , membership and a lot of of marketing goodies are included and very easy to use. I ask support 2/3 times because of my ignorance and they answer fast and once even they made a clip to help me out about my first blogproblem !!!Great support , update are free and so much more .
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    I also have it and I like it, too.

    However, as a professional I do NOT recommend anything until I find out what the client (in this case the OP) needs.

    When the only reason to reply/give advice is to promote (push? pimp?) our own affiliate link... that advice sucks big time! Wouldn't you agree?

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    Even if you don't have a premium theme that has SEO feature, SEOing your site using other plugins such as All in One SEO will still bring good results. What matters is how much you work on your site, building backlinks, growing your traffic etc.

    Bear in mind that SEO is just a part of the picture. Literally speaking, if you want to have huge traffic and nice rankings, you will need to work harder building links and growing your promotion. Hiring someone to do that can be a good investment.

    I build backlinks which is really a good way to boost your rankings and traffic. But still conversion is again needed. There's no use of optimization if you don't convert. It's again another factor that identifies the profitability of your website.

    Hey, if you want to hire someone for link building applying "THE REAL-NO-HYPE" strategy, you can hire me by the way.

    Just giving you some thoughts.
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    Go with Catalyst Theme.

    Developer is a warrior and has a WSO still going I believe.

    It is flexible and fantastic.

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    @Timmy hey thanks but I have been promoting them for some time. great advice You should be a marketer LOL

    PS Istvan Horvath is about as much a heckle as he is friendly LOL

    As for the whole pimp promote thing ...hmmm "cute"
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    Well I have not used any yet, and as a matter of fact , I am also interested in a theme right now to use for a writing agency. So I will be following this thread alongside the one I started to see what comes out of it.

    Check Out Our SEO And Social Media Services with Prices Starting at $1
    Read Tips To Making Money Online

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    I am using thesis for my blog- Free Best Health- Health is treasure, Preserve it !. The performance and usage is really excellent and easy to understand and operate.

    Useful,informative articles on health,diet,exercise,home remedies,beauty,stress management, depression,happiness,fitness and much more -

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    Originally Posted by dalereardon View Post


    Which one is better in terms of SEO?

    As others have mentioned, with plugins and a bit of elbow work, any theme can do well. But we use Thesis on everything because it's fast and it ranks quiet well without too much tweaking. As you know, the hard work isn't the theme but choosing the right keywords & backlinking strategy.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I have been trying to research on what theme to use in my upcoming weight loss affiliate blog.I have seen lots of talk about profit theme and optimize-press.Quite confused a Little but with what I have seen and heard of profit theme,I might have to go for it.I am more excited about the possibility of building my list using the squeeze page and landing page features in the theme as well as going full in reviews using the blog feature.Please tell me,should I go for profit theme.Any one who has used it or is using it for affiliate marketing should please give me an insight.Can I also see blogs built with PT please?
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    Hi , as i said here in this forum i use PT
    you can see one of my blogs ( i have more but i don't want to show , for SEO secrets i use ....) and click the link on the bottom left of my blog to go directly to Profit theme.
    To be clear you can do much better than i did and with more variation and skins colours , but you can see an optin form on the sidebar and a Squeeze page ( get my free offer too...)
    here : Frank Moreno .net | internet marketing for all , internet marketing for beginners
    believe me that's the easy way to build a blog , just look at the video in the official site to see what you can do ....amazing !!
    good luck , and if you need help you can PM me or mail at fm@frankmoreno.net i will be glad to help you .
    Frank Moreno
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    Who are you writing the content for, real people or search engines?

    I use thesis as it gives me brilliant control of how the site looks and get the most interaction from my readers. Now I don't target any particular keywords, so I can't comment on the profit theme, but if the sites ends up looking more like a splog and you are looking for real people I would avoid it.

    In this day of quality being King having real people spending more time at your site and commenting can only be a good thing.
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    Thesis theme rocks.

    Moreover, if you are willing to go through a bit of learning curve, check Headway and Catalyst.
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    I prefer Profits Theme. It gives better linking options. Thesis rocks, but for this, PF is my rec.

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    Honestly the profits theme and Thesis are not comparable. Thesis is way more advanced and you will need to have a pretty good understanding of how code works to properly use it.

    However, if you are looking for a theme that gives you the most flexibility I would go with the Headway Theme. Best theme on the market in my humble opinion.

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    I've used thesis and found it excellent, but in truth the best SEO is all about the content you create for the site.
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    I´m using theme from heatmap. I love it

    Wan´t to Guest post on clean authority Travel blog and get tweet with your link for Only 5 USD ?

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