Should i create a new domain for corporate blog?

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Let say I have 2 domains:

XYZhr (dot) com
(a HR training consulting firm for Singapore market mainly)

smartHRpractice (dot) org

Is it advisable for me to create a blog

based on XYZhr (that is wXYZhr (dot) com / blog
or to use smartHRpractice (dot) org

I would like to create a blog or information product sales site targeting at
worldwide customers?

Which one out of the 2 domains above shall i use?

When I market myself e.g. create user name in Facebook or Twitter.. should I use "XYZhr", or "smartHRpractice"?

What are the best practices in managing two domains at the same time?
e.g. how to drive traffic from one to another? Which one shall be my landing

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  • I think that .com's generally have a better response when it comes to branding. That one should be your landing page. Build your social media and other stuff around it. People will remember .com and I don't think so much on .org, plus the .org looks like its a longer domain.

    As to how to manage traffic, I would divide it between the two, and kind of do different "split tests" if you will. Try out different things on each. For example if my site was about credit repair, one may be credit repair for someone buying a home. The other may be credit repair for someone buying a car. In the end they both get credit repair, but different "niches." Try something like that. I hope that helps.
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    Corporate Blog?. You should your Corporate name and not keywords. Brand yourself and the world will come. They did Google, Yahoo, Facebook.
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