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Hi everyone,

I started dabbling in internet marketing almost 3 years ago and was able to create a site that generates a steady monthly income. However, I always wanted to try my hand at owning an online clothing store. So, I've been doing that for the past two years or so. It's been pretty successful. But, I'm starting to see the downside of selling physical products. I'd much rather sell and marketing informational products or services, which seem to be less restrictive in their reach and earning potential.

So, I'm thinking about getting back into internet marketing. Only this time around, I want to have a site that provides A LOT of value to its viewers, unlike my past sites. I was thinking of starting off with a blog. But, I don't know exactly where to start again... it seems like some has changed since the days when I used to roam the forum. Any hints/tips that I should know about that will bring me up to date?

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