Fake Screen Shot? Somebody Tell Me If I'm Off Here Or Not...

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I went to go pick up this product today and decided to watch the sales video again for no other reason than I was bored. I saw the clickbank screen shot and figured what the heck, let's add it up just for sh$ts and grins. Came up a penny off.

I am NOT saying this is fake, NOR am I making any accusations. Maybe there's a good explanation, if there is, I'll be the first to publicly apologize for even posting it. So here it is, let me know if my math sucks or not.

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    Maybe it was rounded.


    Would display as

    But adds up to 3.846, rounded to 3.85
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      As far as I know, Clickbank doesn't round up or down numbers. Look at the other numbers. They are all .91, .74. .58 .86. The numbers add up to 8599.45 which is one penny off.

      I could be wrong and I hope that I am, but 5 other people got the same thing I did.
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    Yeah, all you can do is submit a ticket to the help desk on it and let them question the seller.

    With all the mistakes clickbank seems to be making lately, I am wondering if it is worth it to list something there. :rolleyes:

    You'd think for clickbank as well - wanting to keep their reputation and software in tact that they would do an automatic ban of any vendor who is discovered messing with the numbers.

    I'm not familiar with what their standpoint is on the subject.

    All I can say is if "I was clickbank" lol, I would be banning accounts that had anything hinky going on.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      I wouldn't automatically assume that it is a fake screenshot because the numbers could be rounded like someone else said. On the other hand, knowing that it is possible to fake a clickbank screenshot and knowing how often it is done, I wouldn't assume that it is real either. I think I'd do some more research on the product and the vendor before making a decision either way and maybe even bring it to clickbank's attention and see what they have to say about it.
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        My Entire Internet Marketing Career Destroyed By One Penny

        From what I understand there is no rounding going on either. But a personal letter to Clickbank would surely clear things up.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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        It is VERY easy to fake Clickbank results, a quick search on Youtube came up with two good videos on how to do it (I'm not going to link here, if you want them, find them, lol).

        However, I'm with Megan in not jumping to any conclusions; send off an email first, I'm sure Clickbank are happy to verify or vilify, depending on what the answer is.


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    What surprises me more than anything is the fact that people don't have to fake ClickBank receipts at all in order to dupe other people.

    So you made $25K last month in ClickBank sales, did you? Well how much did you have to spend in Adwords to get that traffic? $20,000? $25,000? More?

    The fact is that there are many who will spend $40K to make $50K and then they teach a course on how they made $50K and make $100K doing the course. Happens all the time and many are not called out on it.

    Let's face it. If you were really making $50K a month on ClickBank free and clear would you risk your livelihood telling everybody all of your secrets?



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    It's not a gas station, why would there be a rounding error when dealing with dollars and cents. Even when someone purchases a product from me in euros, by the time I see the money it's dollars and cents i.e. 2 digits. Seems weird to me.

    The other thing about these screen shots that drives me nuts is - it's more likely the screen shots are reflecting the money received from selling the IM product, not the as a result of the IM product. Ya know? I mean, if I a plug in or software that made me tens of thousands of dollars a day, I can see NO reason that I would sell it on clickbank. Give me a break.
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