my font changes on a different pc

by Trieu
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I noticed that when I viewed my squeeze page on a different computer, the font isn't the same as the original one I used, which makes it look rubbish. Do you know why is that or how I can fix this?


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    If you use a font that is not installed (websafe fonts), then the browser will substitute a default font. There are only a few ways around this issue, use graphics for your fonts, use standard fonts (do a google search for web safe fonts) or use sifr (google it for details).

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    Check your browser to see if it's set to use specific fonts.

    Check your site from several other computers to identify which one changes fonts.

    Check your site to see if you've used an odd font that isn't on most computers. If so, use a more popular font.

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    What the people above have said is pretty much right.

    One way of having some amount of control is to have a font hierarchy in your css e.g. "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" as the values for your font-family property.
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      Bear in mind that fonts are not embedded in HTML documents - they HTML code simply refers to fonts that may or may not be on the machine.

      And if they're not, as others have said, the browser will substitute something else.

      Also, remember that even a font such as "Arial" which is available on every Windows machine is not available on Mac or Linux machines.

      Hence the need to use:

      font-family: Arial,Helvetic,sans-serif cover all the bases as Christian said.

      Welcome to the wonderful world of HTML.



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