I don't know how to ping! Help

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I have heard about pinging but honestly speaking, don't know how to go about it.

I even tried it but made no sense...I need assistance
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    Check out https://linklicious.me/. They have free memberships available that will allow you to ping your links.

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    If you use wordpress it does the ping for you and you can add additional ping services to the default ping service.


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    Ping.fm if you have a site. Pingler, Pingoat otherwise.

    Originally Posted by grandstar View Post

    I have heard about pinging but honestly speaking, don't know how to go about it.

    I even tried it but made no sense...I need assistance
    ETA: Didn't see your bit about not knowing how. Pingler and Pingoat are fairly self explanatory. Put in your main URL, OR the url of the page you want pinged (always ping a new post, new article, new page, etc., anything that has a different url). If your site/page has an rss feed (usually found at http://NAMEOFYOURPAGE.com,.org,.net,.info/feed), put that in the appropriate place. Pick ALL the service for pinging. At the least, you will ping most, and at the worst, a few may say you can't ping there but no harm in trying. Choose an appropriate category if necessary and hit the ping button and wait for confirmation that the ping is done.

    As far as Ping.fm, it's a bit more complicated, as you have to join any sites you want on your ping list. Once you've joined them though and put your username and password in Ping.fm for each account, it's automatic. Let me know if you need more info, be glad to help.
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    You can use ping services like Pingomatic. You just enter the name of your blog (or article, etc), the web address, and feed address (if applicable).

    You can do a simple google search for ping services and you should turn up quite a few.

    Word of advice: Just pick one ping service that has a fair amount of services on it. You don't want to ping all over the place, because it could blacklist whatever you are trying to ping.

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      Originally Posted by JMcGee2010 View Post

      Word of advice: Just pick one ping service that has a fair amount of services on it. You don't want to ping all over the place, because it could blacklist whatever you are trying to ping.
      Possibly, but the major ping services will usually throw back a warning that the url has already been pinged. Prior to Ping.fm, I always used two sites for pinging, with some overlap, and didn't get blacklisted. YMMV
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        Here's a brief explanation of blog pings:

        • Pinging is a technology that lets you alert other sites that you've posted new content.
        • Aggregate sites are sites like Technorati, Newsgator, Blogstreet, etc. There are hundreds of them, if not thousands at this point
        • Such sites help bring your content to the attention of potential readers
        • WordPress includes ping technology out of the box.
        • By default, every installation of WordPress sends a ping to pingomatic.com every time you post new content
        • By default pingomatic relays your ping to 16 other sites
        So overall a ping is just an automated notice that gets sent and the notice says "Hey I posted new content, here's the title and URL"

        What's the impact of pinging? Questionable at best. Reason being, as of today there far more than 30 million sites running WordPress. At least 20 million of those sites are independently owned and operated. The other 10+ million are hosted at WordPress.com.

        So thinking about that for a moment, imagine that of all the WordPress blogs out there at least half are updated once a day. Some are updated 2 or more times at day. Some are updated many times a day.

        All totalled, it's probably safe to assume that on any given day there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million pings being sent every single day.

        That's a lot of content notices. That's a really big pile of posts. Your post becomes a needle in a haystack.

        Bottom line is that pinging can't hurt. But don't expect it to be a big help in generating traffic. Of course targeting your pings is a much better idea than using the standard pingomatic ping setup the comes installed by default with WordPress.

        If you can find content aggregaters that specialize in areas that match your content, and they provide a ping interface, then use those instead.

        Ping technology uses what is called XMLRPC for site-to-site communication, so when trying to find aggregaters that have a ping interface, that would be one of the buzz words to look for.
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    Try this


    Its free.
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    Just go here and put your info in:

    Blog and ping | Pingoat
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    What do you want to ping exactly? I don't suggest pinging a lot of created backlinks as this can cause Google to flag your site.
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    for pining URLS I use PingFarm or BulkPing. I like these becasue I can mass ping with them. Example: Hire a freelancer to do 50 forum profiles, get the report, ping all the profiel pages....

    For RSS: PingOMatic

    For Social Bookmarking new blogs posts SocialMarker
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    Pinging is much more important than most people realize. If you are doing volume link building (with cheap links like profiles), Google will only find a very small percentage of the links. A given profile isn't generally linked at all, so there is no way for Google to find it unless it just so happens to crawl when that profile is a 'new user' showing up on the home page.

    When you ping you point Google directly to the page that has your link on it. Once google crawls it, you get credit. Note that you DO NOT need to have the link indexed for it to improve your rankings.

    There are other nuances with pinging like number of times you ping, if you track crawls, and the overall value of RSS feeds. But the bottom line is with pinging you can get full credit for your links. And since 100% get found instead of 5% you can probably cut back on your expenses!
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    Just use the site like - pingomatic or else pingoat. Put in your site url and click for ping. It will do the ping business.

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    Can I ping my blog post or is it my blog I ping? I prefer to ping each blog post
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    Use bulkping and pingfarm you can ping multiple links at a time, its easy to use.
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    I give you lessons with pictures, showing you exactly how to ping your lenses (or blogs) at the last modules of this lens:


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