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by Lee Campbell 6 replies
I know that .com is the most popular website type but if I was to create a website to the effect of or would that A) Be appealing and B) hurt me in SEO or listings in google?

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    I can see where you are going but it is too cumbersome. You need one that does not have the complications. I see you are new to the forum so welcome.

    Why not
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      .com is the most valuable real estate on the Internet. If you want to start your business from a position of strength then find a way to make a .com work for you.

      .com has the most world wide appeal to potential customers and the search engines.

      All the best,

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    Thank you I appreciate it.

    But that wasn't the actual domain name just an example. But the domain name is taken in the .com form, I thought that a little creativity might get me around it.
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    While .com is the most valuable, one thing you can do is to give a domain of any extenssion a meaning and value. Your ideas are unique and great and its achievable with the concept you have tried to ask as a blueprint here.

    What you need further is to have people you can work with to make this very great. If you have not secured this domain, do so immediately and you will make it big later here.

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    Do what works for you but consider registering the
    .me and the corresponding .com and directing them
    both to the same site or develop them individually
    for maximum impact.
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    The .com for the website is actually taken by an interior designer. Is this something that should push me away from buying the .me as all domains I have looked up have been taken.


    PS I was trying to just buy one because don't have much money at the moment so I am trying to limit myself to one.
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