Winning Formula for Social Media Success (video)

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Here's a brief 2:15 video about what constitutes a winning formula for social media success (intended primarily for offline small business owners).

For those who are internet marketing consultants for offline businesses, what other tips would you add? I'm looking for primarily philosophical suggestions; things that get people thinking. Ideas?
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    Fantastic advice here.

    I completely agree that video is the most engaging...

    Unfortunately I don't really enjoy getting in front of the camera! I guess I'll just have to work on that
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      Originally Posted by prophetmktg View Post

      Unfortunately I don't really enjoy getting in front of the camera! I guess I'll just have to work on that
      Well like he said, it might just be about encouraging the customers themselves to do it for you.

      If you do any kind of blogging and want to try the next big thing, PM me.

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  • What about if you just don't do anything remarkable? Halogen TV embraced a charitable cause and built a well in Africa to deliver clean drinking water for a poor community. It's a great idea and certainly remarkable.
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    I work with a number of different local events that keep me in front of the camera and known by the local media. Through those relationships, I've become one of the people they call when they have a question about online marketing. Being interviewed as the local expert has been amazing for my brand building.

    Before you say "you can't just show up and get on TV" You need to remember that just like 99% of the local businesses every event in your community needs social media or online marketing help. Normally all you have to do is show up and offer to help.
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      Good advice, totally agree, I have been coming up with some things myself that would help in social media marketing, do not have any ideas for videos at the moment but I do got lot of good ideas for some cool infographics as I have seen that interesting infographics can work as effectively as good video can.
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