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Hi warriors,

I have a site (2 month old) that was on 1st page of google SERP for a few weeks. It suddenly dropped to 9th page 3 days ago. Some of those sites currently on 1st page are not as optimized(on page) as my site. Has anyone experienced this kind of sudden drop these days? Should I build more backlinks to bring my site back to 1st page? Any input is much appreciated!
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    Well I think that keyword research as you obviously know is key and making sure your keywords are relevant to what your visitors are searching for. I also know that in some of my niche sites I use spun content and Google has a new thing whatever its called where they can tell if the articles are original. Yes I would also continue to build more on site linking as that can never really hurt. Hope this helps any.. I also had a site a while back that ranked first and is now on 3rd?

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      What you are describing is actually pretty normal. You'll hear it refered to as the "Google Dance" and over the years your site might do this a few times. Just keep on doing what you're doing and it should come back... don't go nuts building backlinks or creating content. Just keep on doing what you're doing and if your site really deserves to be on page one it will be back there in a few weeks to months.
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    Yes, I have seen this over and over again. Keep building your backlinks and try not to stress over it. If you check it everyday it will drive you nuts.


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    When you initially discovered your site on the 1st page of google you may have had personalized search turned on, or something along those lines. The same thing happened to me with one of my websites. Both my iphone and 2 different computers told me my site was ranked #1, however I was also signed in gmail at the same time.

    So you may not have been ranked at all for your keyword. But if you are trying to get back to the top I'd recommend building more backlinks. What could have happened is your backlinks could have been deleted by moderators who thought you were spamming.

    The possibilites are really endless. We could be reaching a new generation where SEO is no longer possible because google search engines are too smart.

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    Thank you very much warriors for your invaluable advices!
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