How do I turn my articles into a free report?

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I have about ten articles I want to turn into a free report/ebook I can give away for my newsletter incentive.

How do I do this? They are all in Word Format. It's about 8000 words long and I want them in one document.
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    If you want to turn them into a report, I would put each article on a separate page - like a chapter. Then turn it into a pdf. If you don't have a pdf converter, you can download open office for free.

    Laurie Neumann
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    What Laurie said and, try and organize them in a logical sequence. If you want it to be really spiffy, include a table of contents too. If you want to point people to an offer or two you might have put some links in there but not too many.

    I'm not sure what version of Word you might have or if it's equipped to turn your docs into PDFs. If not, download Open It's a very cool free suite of office type applications similar (but better IMO) to MS Office.

    Format the articles in "Writer," their word processing app. When you have it the way you want, there's a "make pdf" button in the upper left part of the top panel. Click it and you've got your report.
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    • You can add a nice cover, even if it just has a title. Depending on your niche, you may add a disclaimer as well. Sad, but unfortunately it is a smart thing to do, especially if your report is about making money or some health issues.
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    You will need to turn the articles into a PDF file and go from there.
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    • You've already received some good advice so far - I just want to add a few quick points as well.

      First, know that it's a smart idea to use articles you've already written to create a secondary product--so good call there.

      Basically create a rough outline or table of contents with some sort of logical approach to your subject matter. (You'll use that TOC later anyway).

      It may be necessary to write a few additional articles or transitions to ensure you have an overall cohesive read.

      Since you only have 10 articles and they are not that long you may want to simply 'copy and paste' each article into your new 'report/eBook' document then begin editing from there.

      Depending on how your articles were formatted, when you begin writing your report/eBook it will be a good idea to use small but powerful paragraphs; subtitles for subsections are always a good idea as well.

      Create a cover. It's not necessary to get too crazy here. Just make sure at the least your title is prominently seen, relevant to your subject and is attention-grabbing and memorable.

      Other elements will be an intro and possibly a close, perhaps some relevant images and your copyright page (which may also encourage readers to share the report).

      Lastly, remember to proofread and proofread it again! It really sucks to read eBooks that are poorly written and it could very well be so much of a turn off that people may not take you very seriously.

      When you're all done convert it to a pdf document. Someone already mentioned OpenOffice which is free and will produce a pdf for you... or you can use other free programs like primopdf or cutepdf if you don't have Adobe Acrobat.

      I really believe people are demanding more out of eBooks these days so really try to create something your audience will genuinely find value in. It will definitely help you in the long run. Make the information useful enough that it pretty much will be a no-brainer for them to seek additional information from you. (The next time a "paid" product or service!)

      Anyway, I probably gave you a little more than what you asked for but maybe it will help a little.
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      • encourage readers to share the report
        thanks, great tip, I am going to use it, too
        Quick and effective life and business coaching was never that much fun.
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    This is great information. I've got quite a few long-ish articles I've been wondering what to do with, too, and turning them into ebooks and reports is exactly the idea I've been looking for. Thanks everyone!
    And Sebastion, too, for asking the question in the first place.
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    What a great thread, some very solid advice coming in.

    I just wanted to mention that you could also read your articles and create an mp3 version of each using a program like:

    Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

    (or perhaps hire a voice-over person from fiverr)

    That could add a lot of value to your report.
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