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I would like to get opinions from fellow Warriors about my computer blog/website. The url is in my signature.

Currently I'm adding 2 to 3 posts about new computer products and interspersed among these posts is an Amazon semi-review page. Below is a sample of my Amazon page.

Samsung Series 9 13.3-inch Laptop | PC Buyer's Mag

The site is about 1-1/2 months old, I average about 40 uniques a day, my Amazon pages get about 10 views a day with a CTR of 10% approx., so roughly 1 click a day. So far there is still no sales.

Am I doing this correctly? Do you think this site can earn from Amazon in the long run? I need your opinions, thanks.

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    I like it Wes my suggestion would be to insert more affiliate links in there so when people are interested in the products they find it easy to purchase.

    Since you're using Amazon, you can use Amazon affiliate links for each product and with a bit of SEO it should do quite decent in the long run. Keep at it mate it looks great.
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    At the start of the Amazon review post you want something to encourage people to buy immediately, not everyone wants to read a review, some people are just looking for the buy button.

    At the end of the Amazon review post you need a clear call to action, I would suggest a button that makes it 100% clear what they need to do next.

    In regards to the content is not making me 'hooked' I don't feel like I 'have to click that buy button'.

    I would bolden and emphasise some of the keywords you are using throughout the content.

    I can give you some pointers about what you need to write about in relation to the content-

    What problems will this resolve for the customer if the decided to buy the product; will it help their lives in a specific way?
    Demonstrate why and how the product is going solve their problems
    Turn features of the products in to benefits
    Provide social proof, copy and paste other reviews directly from Amazon.

    You will also benefit from having an outlink to another source/website.

    An opt-in form top right of the menu is something you will want to think about.
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    To get more traffic to increase your sales, you will have to use some SEO techniques to increase your Search Engine Result Position.

    Get your site linked on web 2.0 sites to increase your traffic. More the traffic, the more are the chances of conversions.
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    Make those images link to the amazon product page with your aff link including. Do whatever it takes (within the TOS of course) to get that cookie placed on your site visitors computer.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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