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Can anyone send me an invitation cade for Demonoid.

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    ... the illegal BitTorrent tracker?

    ... seriously?
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    No chance
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    Yes it is illegal but I was told my product was listed and wanted to check.

    I was pretty impressed the the geeks would consider my software good enough to do this.

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    Wrong forum ...
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    If you want to check if your product is listed just go to www dot torrents dot to and type in the search. It will pull up results for all major torrent sites including demonoid. You won't be able to download without a password. I don't recommend using these sites because one, it's illegal and two, most of the files contain virus's.
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    C'mon guys, Quentin's been around quite a while and has earned credibility - and he's pretty well explained himself in his subsequent post.
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    You can go to Demonoid website and click on torrents and search for any file (its a marketing thing) they just won't let you download it without an account but you can do a search.
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