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A few days ago, I logged into my Blogger account and was asked for my password, which I retyped. I couldn't get in. After repeated attempts to access my account, I've given up.

Shortly afterward, I learned that Blogger was trying to deal with an identical problem. I figured, oh well, maybe in a couple hours or in a day or so, everything will be fixed and I'll be good to go.

Well, three days later, I innocently try to access my account, only to find that the problem hasn't been fixed, period. I suppose I'm supposed to feel consoled by Google's message in my email, stating that my blog can be accessed using my password.


Their brains have been apparently ruptured by the Rapture. HA!
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    Much better to buy a domain and hosting and do your blogs where they'll be safe from getting shut down anyway. Plenty of people have put all their energies into free blogging platforms and then been deleted for "spam" or a perceived violation of terms.
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      For a few of my domains I did the hosting through blogger, you just have to pay $10 for the domain name and google hosts it for free! I also found it seems google tends to favour this domain as it got ranked QUICKLY and seems to get a bit more weight compared to my competition, could be a coincidence though.

      At any rate I think blogger is only good for a site you only plan to update once in a while, wordpress gets annoying with a new version coming out every 2 weeks! Blogger is set and forget!
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    I have not had any problems logging into blogger and have quite a few blogs on there. I also agree that it's a good platform for stuff that you don't plan to update often, more static pages. I have everything copied in case of crashes or if blogger takes them off for whatever reason. I also post the blogs with links on another site and then just promote that site. So, if a blog goes down, I can just create another one and continue to be up and running.
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      The forum is awash with stories from Warriors who have had their monetised blogs there "mysteriously" deleted in the night by a company notorious for their idiosyncratic and inconsistent interpretations of their own changeable terms of service. It's about "how long one can last there". Back up regularly and efficiently, if trying with any form of monetisation or the intention of generating traffic for another site.
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    The imperfection of Google.

    I wonder if this will go down in history
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      The 2 things that killed my progress in the past, that could have been the end of my career had I not been so stubborn...

      1) Putting a lot of effort into a Web 2.0 website (that was shut down)

      2) Using a trademark name in a website (that had to be shut down)
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        Blogger hasn't deleted any of my blogs. They're still having a technical issue involving users signing into an account. What happens is that they keep asking you to login even after you've done so repeatedly. It's a never-ending loop. They still haven't fixed this problem.
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          Have you linked a gmail account with your blogger account? I have and, when I'm signed into gmail, get straight through to blogger .... That might help your situation.

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            Originally Posted by ncmedia View Post

            That actually happens to me from time to time on random sites it's not always server side, though it may well be here.

            Try a) clearing your cache first b) when logging in, click 'remember me' if there is one, and if after you login it still loops don't close the page simply click on any link still within blogger to go to another blogger page, you might be logged once on that page, and you can then go back to your own account area etc. c) try a different browser.

            The rest from the members above is worth noting, don't use third parties as your main money sites or core profit paths.

            I followed your advice and am now happily posting away to my blogs. Had to take the time out to let you know and thank you once again.
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    It seems that anything Google owns is becoming a bother
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      Originally Posted by H.Miller View Post

      It seems that anything Google owns is becoming a bother
      Better still, any platform you use to make money, that you don't own, very soon, becomes a bother.

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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