FaceBook Is Dying, Or Still A Viable Opportunity For Internet Marketing?

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In reading the news at Facebook: 100k Brits bored with site deactivate accounts amid privacy fears | Mail Online I gleaned these statements, and wondered what fellow Warriors think of this... considering the big push on FaceBook products, etc.

It is reporting that people are leaving FaceBook in droves(hundreds of thousands to millions) due to FaceBook fatigue, and privacy scares.

1. 100,000 Brits deactivated their FaceBook account last month.

2. 6,000,000 U.S. logged off FaceBook for good.

3. 1,500,000 Canadians logged off FaceBook for good.

4. FaceBook worldwide growth has slowed for 2nd month in a row.

5. FaceBook now relying on developing countries.

6. FaceBook only growth in Mexico and Brazil.

So, is FaceBook dying out like MySpace, or is it still a viable opportunity for internet marketing?

What are your thoughts on this?
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve McBride
    There are still TONS of people on facebook with money to spend. I would keep advertising there until it's dead, not dying.

    But, it can't hurt to start looking for what the next big site is going to be and get in on it early. The hard part is figuring out what it's going to be...
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  • Profile picture of the author Keen creations
    I think in the long run it will be fine and they will implement something to get people back on Facebook. Wow, these statistics are a little crazy though!
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  • Profile picture of the author Ken Durham
    I think everyone ran out of youtube videos and witty sayings to post, so they moved on...

    750 million or whatever the last count was, less a few million, is still a fairly large market.

    yes, I am....

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    • Profile picture of the author JR Consulting
      Could also very well be a clamp down on spammers. Sure, a lot of people have left over privacy concerns, but you can't ignore the numbers that are still there, and will be there for some time to come.

      They couldn't sustain the growth the were experiencing forever. There's only so many people in the world anyway.
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  • Profile picture of the author Liam Murray
    I can see it being around for a long time to come! It's not like Bebo or Myspace and I am sure they will have more up their sleeves to showcase. But I guess you can only go so far, so what would the next “big” thing be?
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  • Profile picture of the author coco28
    Myspace used to be huge, and now you hardly ever read anything about it. Facebook is currently the social media market leader, but its only a matter of time before something better comes along.


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    • Profile picture of the author SuccessMarketer
      Hi think Facebook is huge... think about it, 500 million users average (ok, there are many fake-spammy accounts, but still huge). Now, if you know how to advertise effectively in facebook, you can drive INSTANT amount of people to a fan page and then monetise that. To give you an example, I managed to drive traffic to a fan page of mine and it costed me less than $0.02 per like. I spent $70 on it until it reached about 2,500 people if I remember well. That page is now around 4,300 people who are very responsive AND targeted. Once it hits 10,000 I will be promoting things that will be useful to those fans (and that I can monetise, of course )
      still big
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  • Profile picture of the author alamest
    So that means TV should be dead now.. why it is still running...see nothing will be dead until the earth finish..if 100s of people living than another 1000 people are joining.. this is the way it works up and down.. in business it is very hard to remain constant..up and down happens.. if you know how to control the business than there are lot of opportunity left to tap..anyway thanks for raising this topic..I hope this helps..
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  • Profile picture of the author thehypnoguy
    Those people who get fed up and leave weren't using it for its intended purpose anyway. Sounds like a group of MLM networkers. Families and friends are going to stay connected and Facebook is the way to do it. I never got into any of the Social Media until Facebook. I'm 53 and MySpace and those other previous sites didn't appeal to me. Facebook has young leaders and have lots of time to get it right.

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  • Profile picture of the author Anthony W
    No way it's "dying".. it's growth is just plateauing

    If I'm not mistaken, the 35+ age group is still the fastest growing FB demographic. Huge marketing potential there.
    Looking to buy Facebook accounts. PM me!
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  • Profile picture of the author xxdksxx
    I would stick with Facebook for awhile and start looking into other Social Media Networks. If you aren't with Twitter which I am sure you are go there.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Jordan
    Facebook maybe dying but it's still not dead yet. There are lots of people using it and yeah I'm still using it as a viable tool for internet marketing. But at the same time, I'm starting to look for the next big thing.
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  • Profile picture of the author bahamut1990
    It will not die because of privacy issues.it will be around as long as there is not a better alternative that's for sure even then it will take a lot of time,so yeah it's still good.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jkhurramov
    I haven't tried Facebook for marketing purposes but it's still #1 social networking site
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    • Profile picture of the author rickfrazier1
      Some of the best advertising you can get is, word of mouth, and that is essentially social in nature.

      Social platforms like Facebook are likely to be around for some time to come, though the functionality may change over time. First off, a social platform is just that, social. Hard sells aren't working, and the backlash from the spammers has caused many people to back off.

      Another thing that is causing a drop in sign-ups is that there was a rush of folks that went to Facebook because they heard everyone else was, and once they found out how it really works, they lost interest.

      Security concerns are also seeing more press coverage. You would be amazed at what some folks say that essentially gives up important information they otherwise wouldn't make public. Social sites like Facebook ARE, by their nature, public, and there are some really bad things you can do on them. For example, you wouldn't think of putting a big sign on your door that says "Traveling, be back in a week". Nope, that'd be pretty dumb. However, I can't tell you how many folks are putting their entire travel itinerary on Facebook, telling everyone just where they are. Along with this, in their profile and elsewhere is information where they live... Sounds like an advertisement to the bad guys "come rob my empty house" doesn't it? Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

      There are already some things happeninig that will help tighten up the possible security issues, but the biggest thing is people acting rationally and with forethought. Yes, there will be some up and down of the population on sites like Facebook, but there's still over 500 Million accounts, and at least a decent portion of them are interested in good products...

      Nope, not dead yet, it just requires smarter, less obvious marketing. Like any other venue, you can't spam them to death anymore, they won't take it.

      The next really big spam venue?? Smart phones... Yep, Mobile technology. I'm already getting too many "messages" from AT&T, and if I were exposing my cellular number and web browsing habits, I'm sure I'd be getting many more...

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  • Profile picture of the author thesweetspot
    Okay, so after some issues with facebook, I think based on certain investors moves, they might not be dying, however with a good sized budget on a monthly basis, they need to use it correctly. To lose millions of subscribers in one month speaks volumes of how they know how to grow.

    If they realize how to actually run a company instead of trying to be the cool kid on the block, which they truly are not, from what congressmen say to what google says and even to the poorest kid in parts of the third world countries, speaks again of volumes of how they understand market conditions and people in general. People like to do multiple things online, affiliate marketing to stores to friends to emails and to restrict people to one account for serial entrepunars like the majority like 99% of the people who do internet marketing is not good for them, because guess what the next big thing will be 100 times bigger than facebook.

    Instead they want to be that cool kid that everyone wants to be a part of, yet the cool kid doesn't want certain people...which hinders growth...i mean look at the way people judge people now..and yes you cool kids and think your hot *** you are leaving money on the table by judgement and ego.

    You don't think of others, those others will flock to someone who cares and spend money on them. Kind of like how cool kids now, think they are the best and all that jazz, it's time for a wake call and niche marketers will take in all that information and start creating their own niche social sites, like they have already been doing, and people who join those will care more about them than facebook bc of privacy issues, and also they wont be afraid of those virus things and security loopholes.

    Will facebook decrease, yes...kind of like yahoo. Everyone invested and even those big investors with the 100 million dollar budget if they lose it, it wont truly hurt their comfort of life, just make them look silly,again ego, but the time has come for affiliate marketers in general to realize their loopholes, realize they failures and take advantage of their losses.

    Plan of action for all affiliates:

    Take a serious look at your strengthens and passions in life. yes all of them and then choose who your best person would be if you wanted to help them.

    Then create a social media site, you can do this for free for most cpanels if I remember that correctly.

    Make sure your favorite colors are on there.


    Start adding content, like how to articles, top 10 articles, best x articles, etc..
    then add videos with you in it. don't feel ashamed or embrassed and if you are afraid bc you have a bad background or your afraid of what might happen to you with all those spies and theories, (most of them not theories, but facts) you should not be afraid especially if you have Jesus, if you don't then success in this world and the world to come is not meant for you, even if you are making millions,( yes, i know hard its a hard truth, but it's the truth, you don't believe, I pray that you God blesses you in your soul to know the truth before you pass away, and if you don't believe and you think that God's children won't speak like this, then either you believe and can't admit it or you should have no emotions connected to how God's children speak to you because hey you don't believe remember, though I hope that you do believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord before you pass away)

    After you create the content and the videos, add a script for user reviews and comments and of course questions..you are building a community of people that you want to help...kind of like this forum but on a web 2.0 platform for advertising purposes and appeal and a real business model, plus when want the ability for users to easily sign up and create content for you..like squidoo...and then intregate the google adsense and heck even amazon.

    Now you might say, how can i drive traffic to this new social media site? Easily....
    Forum posts, go into your related niche that you want to help people out and make sure your social site is set up and create about 10 users of yourself or your friends so people will be inclined to sign up...trust me people dont want to go to the club if its empty so to speak. After you help others out, add your link so that its catchy...

    Then do this with article marketing, video marketing, blog posts, social bookmarking,etc...

    Once you have about 100-1000 subsrcibers and are making money from adsense and amazon and chitika and have about 300-1000 visitors a day...this might take you about 3-10 months depends on if you have other ventures going on and how serious you are. then release the data to alexa and google bots...

    and then do the press release...increase traffic and then do the mobile marketing...with admob..(see if you can make your social site, mobile friendly)

    Then do the google tv ads, this will increase ad rev and subscribers.

    There are already many people doing this, but it is not saturated yet. And I know some people want to do this...this is in a nutshell how you can do it and build a business...Of course the first month is planning...reading and researching and possibly even buying ebook courses on how to do it.

    Oh I just wanted to add, yes it is still viable for marketing..be sure to get in now while the ppc costs are low...you can increase your opt-ins by creating fan pages, opt in tab and if you are in the right niche an affiliate store..via amazon if I remember that correctly with the custom fbml..also it will be up and down, but get your account set up and stable and looking good.
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    • Profile picture of the author tmdassc
      I have personally leaned towards the direction of creating social community sites regardless of the status of the biggies. As it is said, one should not put all their eggs into one basket.

      Examine the biggies and what is working for them, take the best features, combine them, and create your own. However, use the biggies for all you can intelligently get from them until they're no longer viable.
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  • Profile picture of the author Cee
    Those reports are for people actually deleting their accounts right? What about people who don't delete their accounts but have lost interest in facebook and never bother using it. There might be quite a few of those as well.
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  • Profile picture of the author ArticlePrince
    Did the stats say how many of those accounts people just use for games? I can still advertise on FB for $.01 per click, and the ad will TELL them which of THEIR FRIENDS like it. Where else can I do that? One penny PPC with social proof built in... I think they're doing fine. Honestly, I think people just like to talk about huge sites/methods dying.
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  • Profile picture of the author sscot
    Problems with girl friends? Be the owner of next biggest social network.

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  • Profile picture of the author Alex.R
    Facebook will be around for a long time yet, it's still evolving, everything changes
    over time.
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  • Profile picture of the author zoesmith01
    I don't think facebook is dying. It is getting more and more influential everyday.

    Freebies For Your Business

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  • Profile picture of the author ZaneZenMaster
    There is still allot of people on facebook..
    The drop could be due to all the spam that's on facebook now, maybe they can solve that I don't know.
    However; even though a little off topic.
    The less advertisers on Facebook the better. Less competition..
    Either way, I doubt facebook would go down so easily, there's not much out there like facebook.. if you want to count Myspace, but i don't.

    Let's see huh? x)
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  • Profile picture of the author limestone614
    I think Facebook is excellent. I hope it's not dying.
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  • Profile picture of the author JamesGw
    Inside Facebook just used data for one month from one of their metrics. That's hardly enough information to say that Facebook is dying. Most other sources point to the contrary. With that said, the fuss over this "research" might actually make people leave Facebook on account of losing its "cool" factor.
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  • Profile picture of the author tmdassc
    Looks like the majority feel that FaceBook is still a viable resource for IM wheether it's dying or not.
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  • Profile picture of the author aholland
    Facebook is a good source of alternative marketing but not the primary source of your market. Treat it as such. Post ads but don't primarily rely on FB for sales.

    Way to success...

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