What Files Do I Add To A .FLV Video To Sell Online

by Tony S
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I hope everyone is doing fine and ready for as good weekend. Before I start mine I would like to know if anyone could tell me what other files should be included in the folder containing my .flv video file before I zip it up for customer use? Because I am using a .flv format should I still include a controller .SWF, a Productinfo.xml, a swfobject.js file? Or is the .flv video standard in the zip file? The video is part of a multi video home ecourse that I want to sell online. :confused:
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    Is there a reason you're making them download the course instead of being able to to watch the videos streamed from your website? Or are you doing both and just want a download available?

    Personally I would just want the .flv, but some less tech-savvy people may want the .flv built into a .html file or something... maybe a short readme.txt with it.
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    Or convert them to avi or mp4 files instead. This would probably save you hours of tech support in the future. I would create the video files so any standard pc can play them - like AVI files.

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    All of the advice given is great! This part is a little more technical.
    I want to set up my website so that the user has the option of viewing streaming Videos from my site as well as downloading the videos while there. Can anyone give me at least the basics of how I should set this up the right way? I decided to go with the MP4 video format. :confused:

    Tony S

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    Before you do any of the compressing into a .zip for them to download, you should realize the 60% people are visual learners and 30% are auditory. If you posted your video straight on your site, post, or wherever you are posting, they will stay interested. If they see a ".zip" file, they are MUCH less likely to go much further than viewing the page.

    => I would make a quick sample video and have the video uploaded straight on the site for viewing, then have a full .zip for download at the bottom!


    P.S.- And if you are still going that route, convert your file to .avi format. That would be all you need.
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