How to give someone temporary access to my Wordpress site?

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When you have someone else working on your site, do you just give them the username and password to your Wordpress site, or is there some other (i.e. less risky) way to do that?
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    To the limit of what I know, if they are doing administrative tasks: adding plugins, changing appearances, etc., you might as well give them your normal full access, you might temporarily change the password to something not stuck in your head, then change it back when they are done.

    For guest posting you can create a new user with posting privileges.

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    Usually, i give full access to my worker to do the task. How can he/she work with your blog/site if you are not going to give him/her full access.
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    i would change my password to something simple and not personal.. then once he is done i will change my pass back..

    after all he has no access to my email which is ultimately the control of ur account.

    u can ask them to reset password to your email account at any time even if that joker try to steal ur account.
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    There are few wordpress plugins available at which generate temporary user account and will automatic disposed after some time. You may want to use such plugin. Temporary Login Without Password plugin generates login link. So, you don't have to share even username and password.

    Hope that helps.
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    there's a nice plugins that enabled other users as well ..can search in WP plugins section
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    Wordpress has in built features to limit the risk while giving access to external users.

    Go to the users section, and create a new user, then select the user-level you want them to give.

    Super Admin, -(you won't be having this level unless you own a multi-site)
    Administrator, -(This is the highest level. User can do basically anything they like including changing plugins and themes)
    Editor, - somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
    Author, - somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
    Contributor - somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.(A higher level user will have to approve it to get published.)
    Subscriber. - User has no power other than ability to change their own password.

    Choose the option which maximum suits you. If you are giving your site to a web-developer, then you need to ofcourse given them administrator access, but if it is only managerial work, then editor level is more than enough.
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    This is a 5yr old thread the spammer post got nuked but forgot the rest , start another thread
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