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Facebook Applications. I've put 2 posts in different forums today and no one seems to know how these apps work, even the product vendors and affiliates seem to have keyboard paralysis when asked about them.

Apparently they can make you a fortune by going "viral" and someone called Mo Goulet makes $20,000 per month by selling them to local businesses. But how do they work? What are they? Is anyone having success with them?

If anyone knows, pretend I'm a local restaurant owner that doesn't know anything about FB, how would you explain to me how a FB app would get me more clients please?
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    I did a quick search of the dude you mentioned and if he is marketing this to local businesses in Idaho, he is doing a great job of keeping himself OFF the net. Seems like one more little twist someone has come up with to sell as a FB millions product to me.

    However, to your real question about how an app could help you find customers... I would think about something that they could use - maybe a super localized coupon app or something? Or... if your restaurant takes reservations - a reservation app - sortof like the golf sites where they will show a certain tee time available and give a special last minute rate for it. Give them a last minute deal to eat at your place.
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    There's a Facebook forum and developers section for app development.

    I'm sure there are more than one WSO here that teach app development, Facebook calls the new fanpage iFrames apps too.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    So an app is just an advert on a fb page? If my resataurant was "Roma Pizza" for example I would create an app called Roma Pizza with a special offer to place on a FB page? So how does it go "viral" then?

    What's the difference between an app and a Fanpage?

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      Steve, if you are familiar with wordpress, an app would be equivalent to to a plugin. It is basically coded software to run on the Facebook site. The games on the site are nothing but apps. All the programs to send birthday gifts and inspirational sayings, all apps. Hope this helps
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      To answer the second part or your question, a fanpage is the page you use to showcase the business. The app is merely the tools to help you do so. A popular app will hide the content of your fanpage until they "like" you page giving it more potential to go viral thus bring you more business.
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