What To Do When Amazon Shuts Down Their Affiliate Program In Your State

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Gotta read this from Chris

Amazon Affiliate Program Shutdown | Make Money on the Internet
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    Good Blog post

    It all comes down to Internet marketer rule #1

    * have multiple streams of income

    and be ready to adapt at any time to stay in business
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    Originally Posted by DigispaceMarketing View Post

    You can't read anything until you fill in the pop up box. Go figure
    "Humpty Dumpty was pushed"
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      Originally Posted by rixlo View Post

      You can't read anything until you fill in the pop up box. Go figure
      Just click on the 'x' in the upper right corner of the box to close it. That is always how those work.

      Cathy Stucker, http://www.IdeaLady.com/
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    There's always an alternative - try ebay partner network (they pay much better than amazon) ... Why worry about your $1,000 commission check from amazon when EPN can pay you $10,000 for the same amount of quality traffic you are sending them
    "Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle". - Abraham Lincoln
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    Oh geez... that sounds like too much work.

    I thought that when Amazon shut down in my state it meant that it was time to retire at the ripe old age of 25!
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    The ideas in the article are a bad idea, and here is why:

    You do realize that setting up a business in another state doesn’t end the nexus issue, right?

    In fact, you are opening yourself up to considerable liability on the tax front, and possible criminal tax evasion charges if you do not IN FACT operate from the new state.

    If you don’t move yourself, and not just your entity on paper, you have problems. You would in fact be operating a foreign LLC or corporation from your home state, without authority to do business in your home state, and the big problem there is once you have gotten authority to do business in your home state, you are no longer in compliance with the new policy by Amazon.

    Of course, the real problem is that this tax fails the nexus tests under the “International Shoe Doctrine” -no, I’m not making that up, it is a US Supreme Court case that spells out the connections necessary for a business to be “doing business” in a state, and for the state to be subject to that state’s authority to collect sales tax.

    Amazon has been fighting these laws in court since New York first proposed a law, which fails the nexus test on just about every level.

    Amazon with its affiliate program created a new pricing strategy for advertising, not a genuine commissioned sales force.

    If you want to continue as an Amazon Affiliate, move to a state with no sales tax, not simply a state with no affiliate tax issues. Of course the loss of sales tax revenue due to online consumption is clearly coming to a head, and the issue will soon be addressed.

    Several states have already begun work on an interstate compact on Internet sales tax, and the federal government will likely impose some new regulations soon because the loss of revenue is staggering.

    Amazon’s reaction is mind boggling. The company has attempted to claim that even when it operates subsidiaries in a state like the laboratory it operates in California, it is not subject to tax, and this is ludicrous under the “International Shoe Doctrine.” There is a nexus in that instance.

    The reality is that this issue is Amazon’s effort to convince a small number of people who are making a small fraction of the money that Amazon makes to fight a losing battle on its behalf.

    The Internet will be taxed. There is too large of a drain on the basis of the sales tax pool for online sales not to be taxed, along with all other mail order operations.
    It would cost Amazon a pittance, given present technology to comply with the law, and it would be short work for most cart providers to give their users the tools to comply with sales tax regime’s nationwide, but they don’t want to play that way because it has been a significant strategic advantage over big box stores and other retailers.

    That advantage will be going away. The playing field will once again be leveled.
    Deal with it, but don’t take bad legal advice. Setting up an LLC in a foreign jurisdiction WITHOUT ACTUAL PRESENCE there is setting yourself up for criminal tax evasion charges
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        Horrible advice from legal standpoint. Somebody got at this, but here is what is going to happen when you go to open your bank account for your new company: the bank is going to ask for your certificate from the Secretary of State's office. If you are an out of state business entity they are going to advise you that you have to register your new entity with that state's secretary of state as a foreign entity doing business in the state before they will give you a bank account.

        Then of course you have the standard question on state income tax returns asking if you receive any income form a foreign (meaning out of state) entity. So this plan is ultimately only going to cost you a lot of money and time and you will get nowhere with it. Worse yet you might find yourself committing signifgant criminal activity by lying on the various forums or trying to open a bank account with a mail drop. The only way to legitimately do this is to physically relocate your business. As long as you have a presence in your old state they have the right to tax you.
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      Several states have already begun work on an interstate compact on Internet sales tax, and the federal government will likely impose some new regulations soon because the loss of revenue is staggering.

      There is a revenue problem because there is a spending problem. Taxpayers cannot keep up with the insatiable appetite of our politicians.
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    this is a spammy post since it was nothing but a link.

    regardless of how valuable the info on that site is, you've got to add value to a post as well. I'm turned off.
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