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Hey, I'm new here and I have been reading a lot about how to do different things to make money and one of the things I have seen is using a list to sell things too. However, I'm pretty new to "internet marketing" and don't exactly know how to build a list or what software/other stuff to use to manage the lists I will build. I know how to get a list kind of but how am I supposed to store the names and info I get from people. I know there has to be something other then an Excel spreadsheet out there to use. Thanks for your answers.
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    Welcome to the boards. Start with this....

    1. Go to aweber.com or getresponse.com and sign-up for an account with them. I have heard great things about both but I use Aweber. Cost $20 a month but well worth it. There's no way around not paying.

    2. Decide what niche you are going to be in. I would then go to godaddy or another place that sell domains and hosting, then I would purchase a domain and hosting. If you are using godaddy, search for coupons codes in google to get you a discount.

    3. Now after you have step 2 done, you want to construct a landing page (otherwise known as a squeeze page). This page is all about getting someones name and email address so you can email them and build a relationship with them. If you are using aweber, you will just have to construct a web form and get the HTML code then upload it to the website. This code will give you the box that says name and email.

    4. Now think of something that you can give away for free that you target niche would want. This could be a PDF,report, video, audio, etc. Don't be afraid to give away your best information. If you give out information that is amazing, it will build your credibility and people will want to recieve your emails. Make sure you emails are hot to and chucked full of good content that people can immediatly put into action.

    Your lead should say, "Wow! If he's giving this stuff away, what is the stuff he is selling like?"

    Video usually has a high opt-in rate if done correctly.

    5. Now write the sales copy for the landing page. Here is the most popular landing page that everyone knows Dating Tips - Secrets To Attracting and Meeting Women

    6. You can take a look at a new one I just threw up for my company today but I think I am going to make it better. Just go to Home Page

    Notice that I have written a 90-page Guide to help guys with women. If that doesn't build my list, I don't know what will!

    7. Now you have to get traffic to your landing page and that all depends on your niche. You can write articles, blogs, myspace pages, facebook pages, and other things that will funnel your prospects to see your landing page. If you offer is appealing to them, they will opt-in.

    Bonus Building List trick: Go onto famous blogs in your niche that are getting massive traffic. Now go down to the comment section and leave a comment with your url in it.

    Hope that gives you a decent idea of how to start!
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    Great post Andy.

    There are a few great threads going around as of late, I suggest you subscribe to them.
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