Selling Niche PLR vs. Creating Your Own Product

by fitz10
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If you were just starting out in IM and interested in niche product creation, which of these plans do you think would be easiest start off with:

1. Creating your own niche product and selling it on Clickbank, etc.
2. Creating a PLR ebook and selling rights to it via your own site and as a WSO

I have an associate just starting out in IM who wants to know the answer to this. He has no real experience with IM, other than ghostwriting for a few people, so he doesn't really have many connections.

My instinct is that it's easier to start with writing PLR, getting a feel for what sells and what doesn't, as well as providing an opportunity to build relationships with some IMers. I'm curious to know what other people think though.
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    I'd say the PLR also, with clickbank affiliates want stats which will involve some hard testing with idealy PPC, they'll want banners, articles etc. already ready to go, and you'll also need to promote to potential affiliates hard.

    So for the reason, i'd definitely recommend getting your feet wet with PLR first before having to worry about all that other stuff.
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    I'd be another vote for PLR as far as the 'easiest' one to start with. PLR is fairly simple where as if he created a product to sell on Clickbank it needs to be good (although there are some crap ones out there) he needs good graphics and affiliate tools. PLR is definitely easier.
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    I chose selling PLR rights to a product. People love having the ability to edit, resell, and claim as their own when they buy an ebook or course. This increases the value of the sale. Additionally, you can't just place a book on Clickbank and expect it to sell. It would take a lot to get it up and running, and even more work to attract affiliates to help promote it.
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    I definitely think PLR is a great place to start.

    Besides the fact that you don't have to attract tons of affiliates, you have less hoops to jump through and a VERY hungry market in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum!
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    I also chose PLR - I think it's easier for starting out as you can start with smaller packages and don't need to worry about the website so much, or affiliates etc. It's pretty easy to start with a PLR pack and sell it on the Warrior Forum to get the money rolling in. After that I'd definitely look into the other model, too.

    Also, it does depend if he already has a product in mind. If there's something specific he is an expert on and wants to write about then I would definitely start looking into that at the same time.
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    PLR get get you some sales right off the bat. There are many that will buy a product just because it is PLR.

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      To start off, some well written PLR should get some nice quick money coming in.

      But I would save any really amazing ideas you have for when you create your own product though!
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