Blackhole -vs- fail

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Wich is better, blackhole or fail and why?

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    I prefer using ::blackhole::

    Usually the email addresses that I don't use - like the default ones you would get every time you register a hosting account - would eventually get spam mails. Same also goes to people trying to send spam through other 'non-existent' and popularly named accounts (,, etc.)

    so I don't use "catch-all" and I don't even use "fail: no such user" - don't want the spammers guessing by any chance. Also saves you time and space from clearing the clot of unimportant/spam mails.

    Thus it's best to route all emails to non-existent addresses (and inactives ones) into ::blackhole:: if your senders are legit and have something important to mail, get them to go straight to your active email address.

    Hope this helps.

    -- Edmund Loh
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