A Friendly Planning Tip From Burger King

by Joseph Robinson Banned
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Are you finding it difficult to organize yourself? It can be difficult to know what to do, and in what order. I've found a method that seems to be working well so far. I took it from my time as an Assistant Manager at Burger King (aka hell).

They called it the 30, 60, 90 plan. It covers a pretty simple project. You need to sit down, write down ALL tasks you need to get done, and then PRIORITIZE THEM. You will separate them into A, B, and C priorities.

A-You need to complete these tasks in 30 days.

B-You need to complete these tasks in 60 days.

C-You need to complete these tasks in 90 days.

Its a good way to remember what you need to get done first: you will work through ALL 30 day tasks before moving on to the 60's. It also puts a time limit on completing these tasks, forcing you to actually take action.

Hope Burger King was actually able to help you out in the IM world, they certainly aren't with food
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    Hi Joe128139,

    That's a pretty good plan.

    I didn't see anywhere mentioned getting my own strange looking king mime character.

    Oh, well... ;0)
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    I heard this from Eben Pagan (or one of the folks he had on a coaching call). It's a good tip, but just to add, on category A you have to have the mentality that everything there are not things that SHOULD be done but things that MUST be done. Pretend you're going to be executed, evicted, or whatever else if those things are not done.

    Solid plan, it works.
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    Creating any sort of schedule and strictly sticking to it is important. This is a good way to do that. It's more flexible than mine are, though.
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    mmmm burgers, thats the downfall of this plan - makes me feel hungry!
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    Actually plans are really important.

    I would add something, Plan must always be written.

    The plan that is not written doesn't exist. Simply because it will keep being changed all the time
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