Online Credit Card Payment?

by Terry M. 4 replies

We all know that, with Paypal, we
can store money in the account,
and use that money to pay other
merchants who also have Paypal.

But I was wondering, if we can
do the same with the Credit Card Merchant

Since my prime currency is not USD,
it's good when I see the merchant
accepts Paypal so I can just use
my USD funds in my Paypal to pay
the merchant.

However, when they only accept
credit cards. Such as, IMC, or
even bigger companies like Amazon.
Along with some other companies,
they don't accept Paypal and I will have
to use my credit card in my own currency,
thus having to pay for the unneccesary
currency transfer fees when I
could just use the USD funds
in my Credit Card account to pay.

Does anyone know if I can do that?

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