Dreamweaver or Wordpress (affiliate marketing Startup)

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if I could get your input on this-so about a month ago I began an extensive journey to master dreamweaver in the hopes that I could put this knowledge into affiliate marketing, that is creating landing pages and such to sell products, but I'm beginning to realize that this might not be most time-efficient way to invest my efforts. Do you guys think wordpress is a better alternative if I'm looking to build a chain of websites for different niches. Your advice is highly appreciated, thanks!
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    It would be more time efficient to focus first on the basics of affiliate marketing, IMO. Such as:

    Identifying a market
    Selecting a product
    Coming up with a viable strategy to reach your prospects
    List building method(s)
    Probably some basic copywriting skills

    You could easily spend all your time worrying about the technical aspects - incidentally, I think a program such as Dreamweaver would be an overkill for a start-up affiliate project - when such elements can be cheaply outsourced or, in the case of a simple blog, quickly learned.


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    Franks Right,

    If you want to learn to program then Dreamweaver is great. If you want to be able to get things working quickly without as much a learning curve then WordPress is the way to go.

    Spending your time as Frank says mastering the other ends of things is the way to go don't waste to much time on the development end.

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    Dreamweaver or Wordpress (affiliate marketing Startup)
    Wrong question, for multiple reasons.

    1. None of them is necessary for an "affiliate marketing startup".
    As Frank suggested: focus on marketing instead...

    2. They are not comparable: on is a webdesign tool, while the other is a CMS (content management system). You would be surprised: I know people who design/code WP themes in DW. Go figure

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    I have used both. I would never go back to Dreamweaver.
    It is WP for me 100%

    Best of luck,
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    Wordpress Blogs can be very powerful and are easy to create and you do not really need any knowledge of HTML, however I would advise against use wordpress.com because they can take exception to your contend and shut your blog down without notice. You are best to create a wordpress blog by downloading program from wordpress.org and hosting it on your own domain.

    Using programs such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft expression actually produces redundant code which can have adverse affect on how your website displays. If you want to use HTML code you need to keep it clean and basic.

    Marketing you new sites will require a lot of work, I would concentrate on one niche at a time, researching your keywords carefully before starting any blogs.

    David Ogden an Entrepreneur at Markethive which uses a suite of free marketing tools to promote his opportunity. Contact:- Telegram @davidogden

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    I always use dreamweaver for my landing pages, I feel I can be more creative
    it depends on you
    Minisite Designs as low as $17
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      Wordpress, in my opinion, is the better option for affiliate marketing. If you're running SEO traffic you get the benefit of having a blog on the back end of your landing page. An html/css site may be better for landing pages with paid traffic, but with the right theme, wordpress can do everything you need.
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        I found Wordpress to be very easy and fast to pick up. I had my first Wordpress blog ready in no time. The massive amount of themes and plugins really make it fun to play around with and see what you can come up with next.
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    Great advice thanks guys!
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    Wordpress for building sites - definetly - so many tools to do things quickly to let you have more time for marketing. Dreamweaver knowledge won't be wasted as there is often a need to put up a single webpage
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      It can take months before you learn how to build html websites from scratch, so I'd definitely stick with Wordpress.

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    if you are newbie in doing affiliate marketing website, i am prefer to use wordpress because it is seo friendly and it is very easy to use. it has many plugin that is useful for affiliate marketing

    you must know and learn the HTML and PHP
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    I have been a commercial professional developer for over 15 years (as well as SEO and my own IM sites). PLEASE forget Dreamweaver - it was great in its day, but it's a museum piece now! I only ever use Wordpress or Drupal for client work. And for IM work Wordpress can do just about anything you want it to much more easily, leaving you time to focus on content, SEO etc.
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