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Lately I've been feeling like I've got way too much stuff around the house. Instead of giving/throwing it away I thought I might try selling it on Ebay.

Does anyone have any sage advice on the best ways to approach Ebay selling?
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    I have done very well on ebay over the years with many return customers.
    My best tip is to take many pictures and describe your item very well,
    I also tell a little background story about the item that i am selling.

    Something new soon.

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    I would recommend you do proper research first. Ebay search your items name and then click "completed listings" to see which sold for the most. Mimic the ones that sold for the most amount of money to increase your traffic to those listings. Also, use as many keywords as possible in your title and description.
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    Thanks for the helpful advice. Any tips getting traffic to the pages other than mimicking the best sellers?
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    You might want to try Craig's List first. It is free and a lot less screwing around.

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    I am also in searching of it since long time and so for not succeeded but nice info here which i have found. Hopefully it will work for me.
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    Can anyone give me some hints?...

    If you are going to buy something in ebay and your payment is through paypal, does your paypal be deducted first even if the order has not been received?

    Please share.
    - V - A - M - P - I - R - O -
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      Originally Posted by vampiro View Post

      Can anyone give me some hints?...

      If you are going to buy something in ebay and your payment is through paypal, does your paypal be deducted first even if the order has not been received?

      Please share.
      Yes, you have to pay before the item is shipped.

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    I'm gonna try ebay. One of the first ways I looked into for making money online was selling products from a wholesaler on ebay.
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    @Rich Struck I'm based in Australia and Craigslist aint that big here. We have a directory called Gumtree thats basically the same thing but I haven't much joy on there. The types of stuff I'll be selling is pick up only so people will have to be local.

    @Fluffythewondercat I've never come across that. I can usually transfer my bucks out of paypal in about 5 days.

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    The 21 day hold rule is for new paypal accounts, maybe you've got enough age that it's not an issue. But just be warned, the 21 day hold is only about selling on eBay. If you have sold elsewhere on the net you don't have to deal with that. And if your ebay account has 100 or more positive feedback then it's not an issue, as there is a track record. At least that was what happened for me. And what sucks is, if you're selling something and charge for shipping, Paypal holds the shipping money, too, so you have to pay that out of pocket and then wait until the person you shipped to leaves positive feedback or they realize that you have entered a tracking number into Paypal. Royal pain when it kicks in.

    Of course, that might only be a rule for US Paypal accounts selling on eBay, so it might not even matter in your case . . .
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    Interesting. My paypal and ebay accounts are around 5 years old. I don't have over 100 positive feedbacks though. I'll see how I go and post here the results.

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    Make Competitive product .Research eBay for similar products before you list a particular product, research other similar products on eBay and follow the bidding process that will help you to determine how much your product might be worth.

    Make Attractive product. Use Pictures. It’s very important and it worth 1000 words

    Get Excellent Feedback. Focus on getting positive feedback first. Feedback really matters when you're selling on eBay
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      Be aware that a lot of info out there, even from eBay pros, is outdated. So :

      1) Always get the latest info, if you get anyone's guide

      2) Still double-check and proceed slowly, adding auctions and Buy Now's, making sure to follow updated eBay rules.

      3) If you see other eBayer's doing it, that does NOT mean it's OK. Within seconds, accounts can be suspended for any number of reasons from having a URL on an ebook cover to spamming with keywords just to get traffic, to any number of other things. Review auctions for ideas, but go to #2 above to set up your own.

      4) Ebay support basically sends you to forums and online FAQs pages for most things, so start a bookmark folder or eBay document (like a gmail of links) to specific eBay pages of info you need a lot like the following ones, for starters (no affil).:

      Selecting a selling format : Fee Calculator
      Digitally delivered goods policy
      Links, logos, and videos policy

      5) Do your best, but know:

      a) your account can be suspended at any time, for any number of reasons. So back up your auctions, saving the HTML / images, etc. to use elsewhere and don't fall too in love with your eBay store and / or account.

      b) similarly even what you consider your best sale may result in negative feedback for no apparent reason. It's a number's game, most often, with no one to truly help sellers. So again, back up your auctions, saving the HTML / images, etc. to use elsewhere and don't fall too in love with your eBay store and / or account if negative feedback bothers you or gets too much at one time.

      c) You can take a year off to sell elsewhere to get your eBay rating back to 100%, I believe that's the time line, and / or try to hire other eBayer's to sell for you or find other ideas to move ahead here.

      d) As an excellent eBay support gent told me: even if someone gives you negative feedback, try to reply lightly (like Television film series, Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo, a homicide detective with the Los Angeles, might do.)

      6) Market as you would anything else by first setting up your own sales page (or better yet a squeeze page). This way you don't have to update auction links all the time and you keep your main URL out there. Announce your auctions and eBay store in your ezine, on print postcards, article marketing, press releases, etc. and again, send people to your sales page first...a short squeeze page with a leads capture form there so people can subscribe to keep updated on your sales.

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        I have done a lot of selling on ebay. My first tip would be see if you can sell it on Amazon first. Believe it or not you can sell all kinds of things on Amazon. I have sold a used electronic keyboard, jump rope and so much more. These were items that were listed on Amazon, I did not make a special seller page.

        Why pick Amazon first? No fees if your item doesn't sell. Easy to list. People are coming in looking directly for the item etc. It is fast and easy. In addition, for some merchandise you can sell directly to 3rd party vendors that work with Amazon and get a gift card. You won't make as much as if you sold it yourself but it is hassle free. They even pay for shipping.

        Ebay. If you opt to sell your items on ebay then you want to look at similar items, see how they are listed and list yours accordingly. Shipping materials add up. Save on them by being creative. Back in my ebay days, I used an old, clean swimming pool line to ship crystal. Newspaper places will often give you the end rolls of paper which you can use to wrap merchandise. Buy your bubble mailers in bulk at ebay and you will save a lot. In the States the PO gives free priority mail boxes and it is cheaper to ship using their online services. Plus they give free delivery confirmation when you use the priority service online.

        So the key is to list your products correctly and keep shipping costs low yet package your goods so they arrive safely.

        Hope this helps. I have a free ebook with more tips, just pm me if you want a link to it.

        Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    If you're in Australia Craigslist isn't that big there, try amazon before ebay.
    It's just from my experience but its easier to use since it'll be listed under a common product with all the other sellers and therefore easier for buyers to find your items. and also there's no money involved if you don't sell.

    If you have no feedback on your account to work with initially, I would recommend starting off by selling cheaper items cause people tend to be more cautious buying higher priced items from someone who has no feedback history (though with amazon I think there's better buyer protection so it may not be as bad).

    GL selling your items.
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    Originally Posted by Toby Couchman View Post

    Lately I've been feeling like I've got way too much stuff around the house. Instead of giving/throwing it away I thought I might try selling it on Ebay.

    Does anyone have any sage advice on the best ways to approach Ebay selling?
    Thanks for a great question. One of the first things when selling on eBay or selling anywhere is be honest with the seller. If there is a mark on the item, tell the people and also take a picture of it. By doing this people will not come back to you and complain that you did not tell them.

    Start with selling items from around your home first so you get a feel for selling on the site.

    If possible make your item available to the world, by keeping just to one country you do limit sales.

    Take good photographs.

    Write a good title, but do not keyword spam (this is where you put keywords in, just to drive traffic.)

    Have fun and give it a go.

    Any questions please ask away

    Helping people with Auction Selling

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    • The first part of August isn't a particularly great time to sell on eBay -- too many people are on vacation.

      The latter half of the month is better as people are shopping for back-to-school.

      Agreed that Amazon is much easier to sell on, though fees are a bit higher.

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        To get around the hold, is it worth going with Propay or...whatever else they allow? I did try Moneybookers and they held my money for 40 days though :/

        I've sold two items on Amazon and I didn't really pay attention to fees--all I know is that they covered the shipping price both times! I almost fell over!

        Only problem with Amazon is that the listing sits there forever unless someone buys it which can be a problem if you need the money right away. I think I had luck with my items because they are pretty popular books.

        Too bad about that, cause if I could run my business, any business, through Amazon I would. So smooth, no problems, no hassles, no it.

        ON EDIT: Just went to buy a dvd and remembered that Amazon also buys back some books, dvds (maybe other items?) in return for an Amazon Gift Certificate-so if you have any of those to sell I would check that out.
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    There are some businesses you can take your stuff to, and they will sell it on eBay for you, taking only a percentage of what it sells for.

    Hope this helps!
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    i prefer ebay over amazon to sell my used stuffs. Ebay is excellent resource base for selling used items where as Amazon is for brand new items i think.

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    One thing,, I used to sell on ebay and would deal in the $1000's. Ebay was quick to take my money but slow in allowing to me access to my money when I wanted my earnings

    So be prepared to wait for your money. 30 - 60 days

    It varied.

    Maybe because it was 1000's,,,, not sure

    Robert X


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