How do you know what plr to create?

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Ok - first, yep, I am a newbie sooooooo please go easy.

I just recently bought Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM and really liked it. She is definitely a pro.

I have gone through her steps and have come up with some ideas. I have even started a couple of pages and deleted them.

I guess part of the problem is FEAR. So, I know I need to just take the plunge.

I have done some searching to see if anyone has current requests but haven't come up with much.

Any suggestions? I know I am going to do an WF offer but need to build a portfolio of choices before that happens.

My biggest concern is to create the work and then find out that I approached it wrong and no one wants my plr. I guess I could put up a plr request page on a website, but that seems a bit silly since I don't have any packs to sell yet. sort of a cart before the horse thing.

Thanks in advance (and please go easy )
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    My suggestion is to take your ideas and write them out. Yes, it's quite possible that you fail on all fronts; but that is a failure that you need to experience. It will let you know that you went about things wrong, and you can then go back, evaluate, and correct.

    On the other end you could be successful with your PLRs, and you need that confidence boost to keep moving forward with your strategy.

    Either way though, you need to finish what you started. Fear is a wasted emotion.
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    Thanks!!! I think you are right. I think FEAR has really gripped me. I just need to get the ball rolling.

    I think I will try and a make a few packs and send up a flare and see what the reaction is -- then I will have some feedback to work from

    sort of that "try and get a first base hit - don't try for a home run the first time up to bat" philosophy
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    things that are seasonal sell well, weight loss after the new year and before the summer sell like crazy.

    Something new soon.

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    thanks lou - great info!!!!
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    Well no matter what you are going to need a LOT of different packs on different topics to make any money so don't let fear of doing the wrong topic stop you because you need to do them all anyway.

    Just make out a list and start working them without second guessing yourself.

    I can tell you from experience that the things you think will sell wont and the things you thing won't sell will so don't over think it.

    Gone Fishing
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    I'm in the same boat, just a couple of months ahead so know what you are talking about - Tiff has a 30 day challenge on at the moment - there are 9 days to go, but it is great to just get you focused on creating content rather than stressing about everything else!

    As many of the PLR suppliers will tell you, it isn't an instant avenue to riches, but the longer you leave it, the longer it is gonna take you to get there!

    Take a look around at the successful PLR suppliers and see how many packs they have available. Tiff has well over 100 (and counting), some have 50 packs for each niche site they own, some have hundreds of packs available and include full websites, so knuckle down for the long haul.

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    lol don't worry everyone will be easy because we have all been at your stage at least once...

    I cannot exactly answer directly but what I can tell you though is that get rid of that fear and act as if there's no tomorrow...

    always remember this quote : "I have a strategic plan ; it's called doing things"

    so just act! and good luck mate!
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    +1 cashcow

    When I go through the list of PLR "graduates" Tiffany lists at her site, I find a bunch of sites with 1 or 2 article packs. I go back a couple months later - and nothing has changed.

    In my opinion, it's better to come out of the gate with a good number of articles before you start promoting. I don't even bother signing up for a newsletter on a site that has 1 or 2 article packs and no updates for months.
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      Originally Posted by txconx View Post

      +1 cashcow

      When I go through the list of PLR "graduates" Tiffany lists at her site, I find a bunch of sites with 1 or 2 article packs. I go back a couple months later - and nothing has changed.

      In my opinion, it's better to come out of the gate with a good number of articles before you start promoting. I don't even bother signing up for a newsletter on a site that has 1 or 2 article packs and no updates for months.
      Yes, I think the problem is that a lot of people want to do the minimum amount of work to "see how it works out" but the problem is that with just 1 or 2 packs you're never going to make any amount of money. So when the riches don't roll in, they give up.

      If you want to make money with PLR you are going to be putting in the hours for a long time before you are making even enough money to make it worthwhile BUT, once you have built up a big inventory and a list of buyers then you start selling more and more and soon you are making pretty decent money.

      I guess it is like any other online biz (or offline) you have to put in the hard work before you see the rewards.

      Gone Fishing
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    i was thinking the same thing. I have a number of 20 to 25 packs before I start making any big noise with a promo on the site. but, to make that happen it is going to take some time
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    i suggest selling your product first without PLR rights..

    Then once you get a good amount of sales, sell it with PLR rights


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    Peggy Baron also has a great course on this, I bought both and they were both very helpful! Peggy also has a great monthly newsletter that only costs a little per month but is full of information about starting and running your PLR shop. I would highly suggest it!

    One of the worksheets I use the most from that course is a form to fill out with topic ideas. Here are some great ways to get ideas:

    -Take a look at popular PLR sites. See what seems to be popular throughout multiple PLR sites. Just don't copy their topics, write them on different topics from a similar niche so you will have a higher chance of selling them!
    -Put a suggestion box in your opt-in form for people to suggest topics.
    -Look at successful WSOs, especially PLR WSOs. You can usually guess how successful they were by comments in the thread.
    -Look at top selling Amazon items.
    -Look at top selling Kindle books.
    -Look at top selling Clickbank products.
    -What holiday or season is coming up? Seasonal PLR sells fairly well before and during the season it is meant for.

    Don't be afraid to put something up even if you don't think it is a popular topic. You never know who will stumble in and want it, and if all else fails, you can offer it as a freebie later either to your list as a bonus or as an opt-in bonus!

    Also, a suggestion for your WF offer. I would highly suggest getting your website set up with a variety of packs... 10ish should be fine to start, and get your autoresponder set up. Put together a free article pack for people to test out your quality or offer an ebook on PLR as an opt-in bonus, then you can use your WSO to get some opt-ins. Perhaps offer your PLR WSO at a discount to get more opt-ins? That way you will have a list of people to email when you put out a new pack and you can always ask them what they want to see!

    When it comes to selling PLR as a WSO, either internet marketing topics or very popular niche topics work well. Health, diet, dating, golf, the big topics all seem to do fairly well.
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    I am currently on pretty much the same boat - have been into affiliate marketing for a while now, but have been interested in starting a PLR site myself for a while. So I too signed up for Tiffany's course and got started right away... I understand that a good PLR site needs to have a 'healthy' number of packs available before promotions starts, which is why I'm just working on building the content right now.

    Re fear, one thing I suggest is work really hard not to let this be a big setback for you. When you really think about - what are you afraid of? Perhaps failure, but you cannot really succeed unless you get going, experiment, try things out, and learn from your mistakes.

    Switch your fear to perseverance - that is one of the key elements to success in my opinion.

    Re finding topics - why don't you look around to see what you competitors are doing for some clues? Some topics are so wide there is room for hundreds of PLR articles, so you might pick a popular topic you see and try to fill in the gaps - see what articles aren't being offered in a specific niche and offer that.

    Just my 2c
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    You could search the WSO forum for PLR offers. Then separate those according to results to find your best bets.
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    I know exactly how you feel 3bags...I came late to the party and just started my PLR store. It took me 2 weeks just to set up the site and even though I did write while doing this, I only have 4 packs up right now. I'm still learning about 2.0 and article writing and where to submit them so I have a long way to go. I finally posted on Tiff's blog and saw a few people stopped by but I know it's going to take some time for me to get some sales going and that's ok...I'm not quitting my day job.

    I work in an office that has spurts of work and then lulls so I take that time to check out the internet, news sites, trends and see what people are talking about and that's some of where I get my PLR Pack ideas. I have a topic list and I still have to apply the keyword search but I'm working on getting it right. I am a writer by nature so I'm used to writing fiction, but writing PLR is different. I am trying to get into the habit of writing something each day - even if it sucks - just to get me into the mindset.

    The worst that can happen is that no one purchases your PLR and then you'd be right where you are now - no better/no worse. There is no time limit on this so don't stress out and just write. (P.S. I'm telling you this so I will remember too!)

    Here's to our success!

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    It would be good to get into the habit of writing a little (or, really, a LOT) every day. Don't go to bed until you've written so many words/articles/packs/whatever. Set that goal, make it reasonable, and be sure to stick to it.

    Consistency is the key to success, and if you consistently produce product, when it comes time to sell it, you'll have a variety of PLR products for your customers to buy.
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      Originally Posted by Danielle Clarke View Post

      Great reply, AmandaT!

      Another idea for PLR inspiration is to go on niche forums and look for the hot topics - threads that extend for pages, and questions that keep coming up again and again.

      Awesome info - thanks for suggesting that - I know, I know, it's like the forrest for the trees thing. Sometimes the simple suggestions are the most inspiring. This is something I will have to remember to do.

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    Again the same advise, ask people what they want and build it for them. This is the same advise I gave in the last post, I will repeat it again.

    To be dam sure your PLR will sell create a squeeze page giving people some PLR products that you have purchased. You will build a list of people who need PLR.

    Now once you have 100 subscribers ask them what PLR they want, their topic of interest and now create it for them. You will have an excellent conversion rate.

    Infact if you are interested in IM niche you can create a squeeze page only targeted for IM PLR products and now you can ask your subscribers the sub niche PLR content they would be interested in. Now you know exactly what your niche wants and you can create an army of such products and sell them on constant basis.

    Murtuza - :confused:

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    Great Advise!

    I'm not sure where I read it on WF, but someone said another place to look is to see what has been sold so that you have an idea of what kinds of sites are hot and use those topics. That advise has been sitting in my mind but I've not actually been to that site yet to check out what is going on.

    I have the iGoogle theme on my gmail and that shows me "trends" too, but mostly those seem so obscure and fleeting so I'm not sure how helpful that really is, but I did get 2 ideas for future PLR from there.

    Another thing I'm going to do is figure out how to use LinkedIn. A friend of mine has her own business and uses that Social network quite a bit. I also know she did a general call out for topics to place on her blog so I'm going to offer to post in her field so she has a gues blogger (never done that before) so hopefully that will give me some exposure.

    Just a few ideas that might or might not work.

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    Fresh, seasonal PLR is always popular. Tiffany's PLR is high quality PLR. There's always room for more fresh content in evergreen niches, with the key word being high quality.
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    A slightly off-topic question, but still relevant to the topic of this thread:

    What if I created, say, 1 (or maybe 3) pack(s) of 10 articles each and put up a WSO thread? Would that bring in sufficient earnings?

    The idea is to have 3 packs (3 different niches, of course), each pack containing 10 articles; the sales cap being 20 sales per pack. Let's say I priced each pack at $14.95... Anyone got experience or opinions on that? Thanks in advance
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    Just start writing and get some packs put together. Even if you fail on all fronts like mentioned earlier, you'll have a starting point to improve from.

    Right now you don't have any indication of where you may be lacking (if at all) so I suggest you put your head down and just get it done.

    Regardless if it is successful or if it fails, look at it as a challenge to always be improving. Eventually you are going to find something that works for you. Then it really gets fun because you'll then have a template of the process so you can repeat it again and again.

    Right now you have to go through those failures to find that one success template for you. But once you find it everything will take off beyond your imagination. And it will happen when you least expect it in most cases.

    This is the fun part... so have fun with it, and always be improving.

    Mike Hill
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    The hardest thing is to figure out what people want to buy. A good idea is to write a few packs on topics that interest you. This will be the quickest to write and you already have the knowlege.

    Then take a look at what other PLR providers offer and think up title ideas that are similar but not the same.

    I followed Tiff's fantastic course which is very inspirational. Use the free bonus list that she provided with her course, as those suggestions where from her customers.

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