need help making money online

by nelg
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any one making any good money online i could do with some help thanks video gurus doing my head
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    Originally Posted by nelg View Post

    any one making any good money online i could do with some help thanks video gurus doing my head
    Welcome to warrior nelg!

    Video gurus doing your head it .... they do that to everyone, click out of there stat

    If you are interested in making money online there are alot of different opportunities available to you.

    I would suggest focus on your current skill set, what ever you are good at offer that as a service. Offer it here on warrior or micro jobs over at fiverr. Its a great way to start, plus you will be building your list, networking with other marketers, and hopefully having some fun along the way.

    Word of warning...... Stop buying "stuff" online eg: WSOs and every great offer that comes along. All the info you need is FREE, dont undervalue it because it is free. Use the forum as a support network, there are FANTASTIC people in here!

    Ed Dale - a ripper of an IM - has a great FREE program called the challenge its starts in September, go over to his site and sign up and DO THE CHALLENGE, it will give you a super start

    Good luck

    Emma xox
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      Thanks for sharing this. I found the 2010 training and the podcast fom Ed and there was a lot of useful information. I am glad you shared.
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    i suggest some coaching first.....i am telling you.....that will be your first best move:
    learn and earn............learn and earn.....
    some coaches that i am signed up with:
    chrisfarrel membership
    best of luck
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    I am earning money without doing any marketing and sales. Just doing simple data entry and solving simple tasks amazon. My monthly earnings are $ 400 and $ 200 more on my blog.
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    The first thing you need to do is get some training. Look at the WSOs and select the ones that teach you how to do IM from scratch. This would be a good place to start because they are cheap and they provide excellent value. The key is to implement what you learn and actually focus on making money from it. A lot of times, people just jump from one thing to the next and wonder why they are not making money. No amount of learning will make you any money if you are not putting what you learn into practice.
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    I know about a really good program and coach that you can try out if you want to.. Just send me pm and I tell you more

    Focus on:

    1. Keep learning and build your skills.
    2. Get help and ask questions.
    3. Take action and apply your training.
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    Originally Posted by nelg View Post

    any one making any good money online i could do with some help thanks video gurus doing my head
    I am really new to internet marketing too but I can tell you what helped me get started.

    Some people have mentioned some good ideas for you here. I definitely agree about finding something you are passionate about.

    My top tips that helped me get started:

    - Don't buy stuff.
    - Get coaching
    - Instead of being marketed to stop and look at how they are marketing you. All those junk emails and websites can be your best teacher. Visit a lot of websites and see how they are selling to you but resist the urge to buy. If you want to buy they are probably good at marketing (or you're a push over hahah :p) and so look to copy that!
    - SET REALISTIC GOALS and PLAN (This includes setting a list each day of what you need to do to achieve goals and don't expect to make $10,000 in your first, second or third month!)
    - Make money by providing good value to people.

    As people said there are many ways to make money online like:

    - Sell advertising
    - Create your own products or service
    - Provide membership and charge for that
    - Coaching
    - and many more options. And thats just in the internet marketing field.

    Take some time to:
    - brain storm all the things you know a bit of information about already (might be related to your current study/job) and all the things you are passionate about
    - Make a list of the things you think you are good at (things you excel at or find easy) and another list about what people tell you you're good at
    - A list of things you think you could talk about for ever without getting bored.
    - It's easier to make money when you're doing something you are passionate about!

    Other people make money from things like Selling on Ebay, Writing for other people, supplying a service (someone already mentioned the 'fiverr' website as an example) and heaps more. I see so many opportunities on the internet.

    After you work out what you want to do I suggest finding a mentor or someone who will lead you through the information minefield. Look for someone successful in the field that you have chosen, with a proven track record and who is willing to help others.

    I flew half way round the world to find my mentor. And although I don't have much knowledge in internet marketing I found a mentor who is showing me how to build my knowledge while at the same time how to monitise my site along the way. I'm not saying you have to fly anywhere but make sure you find someone who you feel can help you.

    I guess if you are serious about a business then like me you will realise that success won't come over night and that it will take time. The only way that I know of to become financially free overnight is to win the lotto!

    Anyway good luck with your business and look me up when you're doing well as I love to hear people's success stories!
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