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Here is what I need, I dont want to use DLguard I want to simple only allow a user to download a file 10 times. Th problem I have is I have over 1000 downloads in one folder and do not want to restrict the user from purchasing and downloading another products from that same folder.

How can this be done without DLGuard, with simple htaccess or can it not?

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    I dont think there is a way to modify your .htaccess file from a backside or php script. You could control the download access with a database where the downloads are tracked.
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    That is confusing.

    Generally, you use a download page, or a download link from an email to provide the product. I understand this. Now, you have 1000 downloads in one folder but you want to limit the person to download what? Everything up to 10 times, or just what he/she paid for?

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    I don't know about .htaccess, but maybe you can use php script.

    Set cookie for the downloaders. If cookie is detected, redirect to different page. But with this method, users are only able to download once, not 10 times.


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