AlertPay with RAP?

by Britt Malka 5 replies

Getting very frustrated about PayPal. They limited my account last week and told me to remove all PayPal buttons from I complied, but asked them why, since there are no illegal stuff on that site. No answer, but they reinstated my account again.

Today I wrote again, demanding an answer. The answer came - just like talking to a robot: No, I was not allowed to sell items from seferim with my PayPal account. They advised me to read their Acceptable Use Policy, which I've already read three times.

I sell ebooks and video courses about how to make homepages, use PHP and FTP etc. I also sell a serious "make money online" course, and the same course is sold from another page - which they haven't complained about.

Well, no more rant! I'm just so angry with them, and I cannot rely on a service like that, so I want to try AlertPay, since they also offer a system that can automate download after payment etc.

But I really wouldn't want to miss using the RAP script. So is anybody aware of a plugin or something like that which could be used so that RAP could accept AlertPay?
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