by akif
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hey everyone,
I would like to sell my website Entertainment Blog
Can you guys tell me where and for how much should i sell this website?
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    this is a good place to start if you plan to sell websites:

    I'm not sure how much you would price it - that is up to you but I would look at similar websites and compare prices and price accordingly

    by the way the website is very nice and interesting - which counts big time in my books

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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    filippa ..and also this forum
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    No one can give you an idea of how much to sell it for without the numbers. How much traffic does it get and how much revenue does it make?
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    If its an established website with reasonable traffic.Go to Flippa.Its the best place.
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    Ditto, Flippa has been great for me.
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      Gotta agree, Flippa all the way.

      - PR2 Homepage
      - 465812 Alexa Rank

      With just those stats you could get $200+

      If it's monetized and you can verify the traffic you could get significantly more.

      PM me if you need help.

      Good luck!

      ---> Flappy Bird <---

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    best place to sell is flippa and dp
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      i dont know how much my website worth is, ive never sold any website before, but i do earn alot from this website, this is one of my fav websites, and i think if i update stats of everything than there would be a clear idea about how much worth my site has. Thanks ill try flippa now or maybe this forum too.

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    try using flippa and digital point switesw....but flippa is your best bet
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    Someone here may be interested.

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