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So I am a new poster here but have been reading about and researching IM for a while and decided to start my first site. I learn best by doing and learning along the way.

So I found a nice niche with some good paying keywords and low competition. picked a domain (unfortunately not an exact match but this is a learning project) Wrote 3 articles optimized for keywords and published them. Went to Fiverr and am getting some backlinks from a reputable source.

In a week or so I will post 2-3 more articles and get those pinged and crawled. At that point depending on my standing and where I'm at with the SE's I will know what my next steps will be.

So far is there anything Im missing? This is a adsense informational site. Does my plan hold up if I stick to it?

Also you guys have an awesome community here and a great wealth of knowledge.
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    Yep, try to write a new article every day. Don't worry about seoing them, just make each of their titles 5 to 9 words and you'll rank for things you never thought of.

    If you write a 300 to 400 word article each day for 3 months, your site will have 100 pages after 3 month, each page having the chance to rank for more keywords.

    Keep building links to your homepage with the anchor text set as the medium to high search volume keyword you want to rank for, and your new articles.
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    Congrats on taking action!

    You're definitely moving in the right direction. I recommend adding some more content, can you set aside an hour per day to write articles for your site? How about two hours?

    Here's a tip: Submit your RSS feed to RSS Submit. That will also help with your SERP rankings.

    Keep in mind online success takes time. Don't expect to be in the top positions on Google by next week (unless you found a extremely low-competition niche).

    Also, have you considered other monetization options such as building an email list, promoting an affiliate product, your own product, etc?


    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-


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    Thanks for the tips guys!
    @Dan I have considered other monetization methods. Im looking for a decent affiliate program for certain products that align with my niche. Not real excited about amazon so Im hoping Ill find another online retailer that is more targeted and offers better commissions.

    Right now my main focus is building something to monetize on and making sure it gets organic traffic.
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    @Buddha94 I've done a few but I think I need to find auto approve blogs because my previous comments haven't been approved. I did make sure my comments were relevant. Is there a tool or directory that makes it easier to do this? like find do follow blogs relevant to certain keyword that auto approve or is that even necessary?

    Thanks again
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    Yeah,i think someone is getting it right here.Just keep at it,and try to be at least focused.
    For promoting for adsense,try to check for the best combination of size and graphics{colour} to get your visitors attracted to the adsense ads.
    Hope this helps.
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      Just so you know, blog comments may take a day or two to get approved. Even if you don't see your comment up right away, don't give up. It may be there in a day or two.

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    Congrats, you've got a clear plan. I would agree though, daily article creation will give you far better results.
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