Advice on Domains I need to monetize...

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Here are a few examples:

Some of my wine related domains are:

Some blogs:

I visited this site a few years ago but have running an offline what great content...thanks for any advice.

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    honestly, i looked at some of the sites you list and all were search related sites and maybe I'm in the minority but when I come across one of those I assume I've typed the domain wrong and either try once more or simpy go elsewhere. I've never actually used one for searching or clicked on their links. (and I'm web-aware, I've had my email address since 1992).If you upload some files and create a website on these domains you might be able to generate traffic and monetize them since they seem like decent domain names but right now I think they're being wasted.

    Terry Power
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    you can do something simple and add adsense, but w/ those domain names you should really look into developing them. create content focused on the domain title, and keep it updated while finding affiliate related products to promote as well. just my thoughts.
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    good names. develop 'em and turn them into authority-sites within their niches. i can only agree with the above two posters.
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