How hard and long(thats what she said) would it take to make 10$ a day online?

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I have many long term IM goals ex make 100$ a day on adsense, make a living with IM etc etc but I feel with the right guidance and helpful warriors 10$ a day is a reasonable short term goal I emphasize the word short term(is it short term can you start making this much in a short amount of time) I know a lot when it comes to IM but my problem is I havent spent much time experimenting and getting experience, as I have read tons of information I have an idea how it works, but my time is spent working with clients on web design and graphics.

So could an experienced warrior give me some ideas to start generating 10$ a day, I mean thats 70$ a week 280$ a month, maybe not much to you but it could help me make more.

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    There's no way your question can be answered. I made thousands off of my very first info product which I put out in 2003 and it still makes me more every month than what your goal is.

    I chose a target market (magicians), I surveyed them, I put up a sales page for the product they said they wanted, I created the product quickly, and then let them know it was available.

    The entire process took me two weeks.

    On the other hand, I know people that struggle for years and never make a dime.

    In my opinion, two of the most important skills you should master are writing good sales letters and quickly creating products.
    Zach Waldman - Los Angeles Magician
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