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by DebB
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I was looking for a tool for Twitter marketing that would scan public messages, find specific keywords and reply to them using a custom marketing tweet for a product or service

Anyone know of a reliable tool that can help.

I searched and got a bunch of tools (with everyone claiming to be the best), so thought of getting some advice from Warriors who have experience in this area.

Also, how are the conversion rates for traffic from twitter?

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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Jordan
    There is an autoreply tool called Tweetlater.
    I don’t really recommend this method because it feels spammy and people can tell. The way to use Twitter is to contribute useful content, this way more followers will find you.
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    I've been using an app called AutoTweeterPro for some time. It's actually a small and very easy to use software, which tweets from my computer. I am using unlimited trial version, which is as good as free. Hope you will find this tip useful. bit.ly/autotweeterPro1
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael D Forbes
    Used with common sense and moderation, TweetAttacks2 is a very good tool for such things.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ashley Edwards
    I'm pretty active on Twitter, and agree with Mark Jordan completely. Stay away from auto-generated messaging.
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    I suggest not to use any automation on Twitter, I am extremely active on Twitter and i feel doing things genuinely is the best way. The closest to automation you should go is scheduled tweets for when your out of the office and so on

    Lewis Austin
    Social Media Marketing Manager
    SEO Positive

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  • Profile picture of the author fetamy
    Automated tools are not healthy approach.
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  • Profile picture of the author Affiguy
    Do you guys tweet only on your relevant keywords? or you occasionally tweet something not connected with your niche?
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Roa
    I have to second what the other guys are saying, be VERY careful when using Twitter automated tools. Whatever you do, don't use automated tools across multiple accounts and FURTHERMORE, promote a particular product, article or event across all accounts.

    After growing my accounts for about a month, I lost 3 accounts with nearly 4k followers after making that particular newbie mistake.

    I offer this pearl of wisdom to any seeking enlightenment
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  • Profile picture of the author World Marketing
    The autotweets do look very spammy...do it genuinely and build a following that way you will provide value and trust to your customers.

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    Try Hootsuite for tweets timer set. May be the tool you are looking for is hootsuite.
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Roa
    If it's about scheduling tweets, Tweetadder has proved great for my needs. Just be extra careful with it

    With great power, etc...
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Michael
    I use Tweet Attacks PRO for my Twitter marketing. Works great. It auto-replies, builds up followers, generates tweets, has retweet attacks for SEO purposes, the list just goes on & on.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ryan Rieth
    We use Tweetadder for automated tweets. I don't think it will reply to someone when it finds a keyword (but I may be wrong, it has a ton of features and I probably haven't found them all yet)
    But I know you can follow people based on a keyword search and you can also send DMs to people that follow you.
    It's by far my favorite Twitter tool.
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  • Profile picture of the author henrylee
    For Twitter and Facebook, automation tools should be browser based. If the tools are accessing the API, stay away. You risk penalizing your account.
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    Internet Marketing
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    I think automated tools will generated low conversion than manual tweet. But automated tools always interested
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  • Profile picture of the author TheZafraGroup
    You can try out Social Oomph. It has a lot of pretty cool features. You can also use this service for multiple twitter accounts.
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