If you had one tip to share what would it be?

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These tips can range from techniques or services you have used.

Mines never to give up.
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    Keep and cherish your contacts. Learn from them, share, do partnerships and JVs.
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    My tip is ALWAYS listen to others. You don't need to do like they say everytime, but just listen om them.
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    Know your strengths and weaknesses, pay others to take care of your weaknesses.
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    Failure would always be a possibility, its dealing with failure and getting up is the initial step for success.
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    Don't think about it Take Action....
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    Mine would be.......

    Nothing is ever perfect, just take action and learn as you go!

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    if you think it you can do it. well...most of the time
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    I never anticipate victory...I do the very best that I can, which usually results in victory
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    I wanted to say exactly the same - never give up.
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    Keep things simple
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    Take action.
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      Do the right things for the right reasons; and do them consistently.

      Doing one thing consistently will bring more success than doing ten things erratically
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        Never seek perfection in the beginning in what you are doing on the Internet.

        Do the best that you can and GET SELLING or GET PROVIDING YOUR SERVICE.

        You can always change/improve things later as you go along.

        Ricky Allen
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    Do your keyword research before deciding on a product or service to promote. Better yet, learn everything you can about keywords and SEO in general before building sites that get no traffic.
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    Don"t blindly believe what others are saying..
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    If you want to stay ahead then be smart - if you want to stay there then work hard.
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    My tip: No matter what happens, never lose your self-belief, the belief you have in yourself - and if you do lose it, GET IT BACK!

    Trust me warriors, this tip alone saved my life in a big way.
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    Ask lots of questions and do your due diligence before any investment!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    -Most of the advice you get is at least 3rd hand. Do more research.

    -Also, I'm all for taking action but that doesn't mean dive in and do a ppc campaign or something. The more prepared you are the less time and money you'll lose.
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    If you really believe in what your doing use your own products and services

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    Never give up and keep on moving forward. There is no certainty if you'll ever succeed in this business but with determination and a lot of hard work, anything is possible.
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    Take Action and Follow Through.

    OK, well 2 tips but the second one is VERY important!

    Chris Jones
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    Remember that being efficient means doing things right... being effective means doing the right things...

    Choose effective over efficient, but strive for both.
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    Follow your dreams.
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    One tip: if you want to be rich, then solve peoples problems.
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    "Don't just try it, do it".
    You already have read heard and was probably informed by your online friends and mentor on how to make some money in the Internet Marketing Business. All you have to do is to put into action what you have learned from what you have read, heard and from your mentor's advices. You can't expect some results if you don't do something to it. Trying is different from doing, since trying is just to test the water if you are fine with it, and doing it, regardless of what your perception to what you do, you should put that into action.
    And as what most people would say, it is always actions that speaks louder than words.
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