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Hi, yesterday i've tried to change my hosting server, but im getting this

404 Not Found


if somebody can help, that will be great. thanks
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    bump bump bump..
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    We're gonna need more information than this...

    What did you do exactly? Were you changing hosting companies?
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    yea. i've gotta info domain and then i added free hosting service for it.. then i installed word press using fantastico. after that my domain url only worked with


    i had to add a directory called wp when im installing wordpress, so because of that my domain turned to example.info/wp

    then i've removed wordpress from server,

    then i got this 404 not found thing.

    after that i went to my paid hosting company hostgator and my info domain as a addon domain,

    went to godaddy and changed name servers. then installed wordpress successfully to new hosting server... but im still getting that 404 not found error,,
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    Ahh.. .sometimes it takes GoDaddy a few hours to update the nameservers... give it a little time and check back..

    Or hit Ctrl+F5 when you're on your .info page to refresh your cache and it might work.
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    its been more than 6 hours since i change name servers
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    It may take long for the name servers to register, keep trying. Sometimes it registers in 5 mins especially if it's new but in your case it may take longer up to 24 hours. Also check to make sure you have typed the name servers correctly.
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    but i already got a notification from godaddy saying that my domain name servers changed
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    still no luck guys
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    May we know your domain name? Seems like you are using free hosting provider. It is difficult to get any technical help, if you need changes to be done on server.
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    Give it some time and be patient

    Zubair Muhammad

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    As you transferred a previously registered domain to a new hosting account at HG...It will likely take between 24 or 72 hours for the propagation because your ISP probably has the zone record cached in their DNS servers.
    bodHOST.com: Ph. 866-662-0909 |
    Live Chat | Email - sales @ bodHOST.com
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