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Hey warriors... need your help....

I have a specific page on one of my websites that attracts traffic that are interested in work from home jobs. The bulk of my traffic demographic is between 30-60, married, and usually housewives. Okay, I know what sort of traffic I bring in and my conscinece will not allow me to direct people to "the dream" type of offer. I do realize this is were the money is but I would prefer to satisfy my visitor by giving an offer that they can actually make money off, and quickly!

Right now, I promote a freelance platfform and I actually send over 1000 visitors to that platfrom but the problem is... from 1000 visitors I only had one sign-up so far. And that lousy sign-up only brings me $1 (pathetic).

What I need:

What better offers are out there for people looking for work from home jobs that are legitimate (free or paid)

Suggestions on how I should convert my visitors better?

And anything else (words of wisdom, knowledge and even opinoions)

NB: If you promoting a work from home opp.. I need proof of what your clients are earning.
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    First, kudos on valuing and respecting your visitors at the cost of possible monetization.

    I have a site with a similar demographic and I would say that the offer that converts best is the offer best suited to your visitors. A 0.1% conversion rate is NOT giving your visitors what they want, no matter how well suited you believe it to be, or how subtle your campaign is.

    I have found the best converters to be online bingo sites for this particular demographic, so providing it is not directly competing with you, try one of the bingo sites that will allow you to white-label your own site and market it as yourown.
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      I have a similar site aimed at that demographic converting a Survey Scout CPA offer quite effectively.
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        Originally Posted by Mullguy View Post

        I have a similar site aimed at that demographic converting a Survey Scout CPA offer quite effectively.

        Thanks for the reply Mullguy...

        Unfortunately, the geo position of our target market completely voids that opp.
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    Sell them making money tutorial like make money with adsense, make money with CPA, make money with affiliate marketing, etc. Whatever the product is, it must work, or you'll lose credibility.
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    After reading your OP the first thing that came to mind were GPT (get paid to) sites. I'm not sure what kind of money these visitors are looking to make because you may be hard pressed to make hundreds per day, but you can easily make 10-30$ in a few hours from some of the higher paying sites and most have instant payouts after an initial manual payout (no more than 24 hours to receive paypal payments). I know has a high payout as well as some others. I forget the name of GPT site directories but is a good place to start I suppose. Although it only accepts USA, CA, AUS, and UK members.
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