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Am I right in thinking that in order to write for eHow you need to register as a writer with Demand Media Studios?

I know you used to be able to join eHow and write directly for the site, but it looks to me as if this has been stopped?

Just wondering as someone is doing some seo work for me and he's pointed out that one of my competitors in a specific niche has a lot of articles on eHow.
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    Yes. Ever since Demand Media acquired eHow, all writing is done through the Demand Studios website.

    Are you going to be writing your own articles? They used to allow writers to pitch their topics to editors under a revenue sharing system but they axed it long ago. Now you can only write from a list of available topics.
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    @ Leunamme - thanks for that. I was beginning to think that was the case. I'll fill in the application form and see what happens. I don't really count myself as a content "writer" although I do write all my own articles and content.

    I'll see what happens.
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    That is very interesting. I shall find out more about this site. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Anyone can still post an article on eHow, and see it on the site within seconds. But Rosenblatt says his team patrols the site, and about 25% of unsolicited posts are pulled down for a variety of reasons.

    Demand pays writers a flat fee: Most make either $15 per assignment, or nothing upfront, in exchange for a share of ad revenue.

    USA TODAY spoke with several eHow writers, all chosen randomly without Demand's involvement, and they spoke of revenue share for articles ranging from $200 to $2,000.
    Felicia Williams, a freelance writer from Upstate New York, says she's written 300 articles for the site, bringing in $3,000 for her efforts.

    "Where else can you go, sit in your jammies, write about what you know and get paid for it?" she says.

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      The problem isn't mainly the editorial rules, but the inconsistency with which the content editors check your articles. Some CEs let your articles go through without much trouble while others have a habit of nitpicking every comma and every word choice.

      I have no problems with CEs maintaining high standards for the articles. I do hate the fact that some CEs check articles whose topics they know nothing about. Some even question what you have written.

      Still, not many content mills give $15+ per article.
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    It won't even let me submit my application. It tells me there's a problem and I should contact their help desk - which there isn't a link to! So I've given up.
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    HI Rose,

    why not look for someone who's already an approved writer there and let them write for you.
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    eHow was always part of Demand, I believe.

    In any case, it's pretty much impossible to do rev share there anymore. For awhile, they old articles were still earning income. Recently, though, the company offered some writers an offer to buy the articles (basically equaling about 10 months earnings).
    Inside the studio, you cannot create your own assignments anymore. You are limited to any titles labeled as "revshare" that they come up with if you want rev share type payments. At the time I'm writing this, there are only 19 revshare articles.
    If accepted, though, you can earn $15 to $25 or more per article.
    When applying, use a "how to" type article, where each step of the how-to starts with an active verb. This is their style. Additionally, bring up any additional experience you have that can help you write niche how-tos, such as legal, home improvement, auto mechanics, and other such things.
    You can reach the help desk at editorialteam@demandstudios.com . It may take awhile to respond, as they'll give priority to responding to emails that deal with writer issues, which have deadlines.

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    @ Mary. Sorry, maybe I'm being thick, but I don't understand what you mean. I don't need content writing for my sites, nor do I want my articles submitted to eHow under someone else's account (which probably is against their T&Cs I would think). I probably misunderstood what you meant.

    @Shannon - thanks for that email address. I might try emailing them, but I think they aren't really what I need.

    A guy who's doing some seo work for me on a barter arrangement pointed out one of my leading competitors had a lot of links coming back from eHow. Guess I'm just going to have to find an alternative source of juicy backlinks!
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      Hello Carol,

      I was trying to PM this message to you, but I'm 25 posts short of being able to do that Grrr.

      So here is the PM and hopefully you'll get to see it.



      **** Message *****
      Hello Carol,

      I was just reading your thread: Writing for Ehow?

      I saw that a number of my competitors also had PR2 links coming back from eHow. So I tried to sign up as a writer with Demand Media.

      After being rejected by them (even though I'm a published author on my subject with over a decade of teaching experience :rolleyes: yes I am peeved!) I'm wondering if you did ever find 'an alternative source of juicy backlinks'?

      I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject and hope to hear from you.

      Wishing you a wonderful rest of the festive season and a successful and prosperous New Year.

      Kindest regards


      Marcus Santer
      Qigong15.com/blog/ - the home of Qigong goodness

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    I write for Demand Studios/eHow. You have to be accepted and once you are, you can only write from the available titles they have -- it's not like the old days of Associated Content and eHow where you could write whatever you want and link it to whatever you want. It's more like an assignment desk now: if you see an assignment you like, claim it and write it within the allotted time frame and it will get published if accepted. It's not good for IM purposes. They even deleted a lot of the old garbage content that people used to post on eHow.
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    I used to write for Demand Studios a couple years ago for some extra money while I was learning the IM game. Their payouts were great - $15 for simple "how to" articles that were often times 300 words or less if written well.

    They are hard to get accepted to however, I was rejected at first and then went out of my way to contact the owner and got accepted. There are people who make a decent living on there. The only downfall is the editors sometimes are extremely picky and even if they are in the wrong with their requested changes - you have to make those changes anyway.
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