How Would Experienced Internet Marketers Tackle Green Energy

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Hi Everyone,

I've come across an opportunity to sell green electricity at rates that are lower than the local utility. I've done some posting on craigslist and have drummed up a few leads that way. I've bought a domain name and I'm building out a site, but I haven't taken any real strides forward. I know some of the basics of internet marketing (I actually have a niche site on page one of Google for my targeted keyword), but I'm curious what experienced IMers would be doing.

Essentially, I sign up customers in the local utilities service area and I make a small residual every month that someone pays their electric bill. I need to market into specific service territories and the target customers are residential electricity accounts. If anyone has ideas on email marketing, article writing, or anything at all on how I could market this online I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Google AdWords would enable you to target a specific area, but you might also want to look at offline, classified ads in a local newspaper to drive traffic to your site. Banner ads on a local newspaper or TV station website would be another option, but they would probably be quite expensive if you're tageting a big city.
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      Thanks for your reply. I probably should have mentioned in my original post that the energy supplier does not allow adwords or pay per click marketing. I wish I knew why, but for whatever reason they don't. I agree that going with banner ads could get costly, at least in the beginning as there is not much cash flow coming in off each account, it's definitely a quantity business.
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    Sounds like an easy sell. I would take it offline. If it's commission based (per unit) hit up your local factories. Not only does it save them money, but it's great PR for them.
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    Well, I sure wouldn't ask Superman for help, because I already know most green energy comes from kryptonite. But I might ask Hal Jordan!
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