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I received an "Invitation to earn revenue from your YouTube videos" today. Is this a big deal? Should I be excited?

My vids don't get all *that* many views. I wonder why (or if) they chose me or if this invite went out to everyone.

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    You'll usually receive it after you break into 4 or 5 figure views and the invite is triggered automatically.

    Accounts are reviewed before acceptance and you need to go all out to prove that every part of the content is yours. Audioswapped vids aren't eligible.

    Not to rain on the parade, but unless you're getting a significant amount of views it's probably not going to be worth your time. I've had a few invites to be a partner (revenue sharing) but they don't make the process easy and do little to assist so I ignore them. Most of my vids are audioswapped anyways.

    If you partner, money comes from ads (if any) and it's those ads which will potentially take away from your product / service.

    With that said, audioswapping isn't a great idea neither (which I do) since that also puts ads up. I need to tend to this problem soon!
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    • What is audioswapping?

      Almost all my videos are generated either with Animoto (royalty-free music) or with custom royalty-free music I bought on Fiverr.

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        Like webcore pointed out, your revenue from youtube will be from ad clicks. Every time someone clicks an ad on your channel that will take them away from your page, giving you less exposure and taking away potential direct revenue. If you created your channel specifically for this purpose then you should go for it (as you won't be losing anything). But seeing as you're here asking for advice, an educated guess would be that you didn't design your channel for ad-viewing. I would suggest staying away from it for now.
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    Youtube is a great source of traffic guys!! You can target traffic there very easily if you are just smart about it and use your head. LOOOTS of trafffic !!
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  • Thing is, I get practically no traffic to any of my sites from YouTube vids.
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    Yes it is a good thing if you are using video to promote your products or services. Especially if you are using video training and opti-in.
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    It's YouTubes interview process.

    YouTube made 1 billion dollars in 2010. They want more. They only have 15k - 20k partners.

    This is how they get people to make better content, and sort of tell you they have noticed your channel.

    Take this as a good sign that your content is going the right direction.
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    I got the same email the other day and my videos have only a couple of hundred views. I don't know why they sent it to me, they must be sending them randomly. They do review manually once you apply so if you don't have any interesting enough videos and not many views they will reject your application...
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    its better to monetize the videos on your own.. put in related links/offers to ur vids.
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    I've been a partner for some time on 2 accounts. On one of my accounts I have auto-ads so basically every time i submit for revenue sharing or monetization the ads come instantly. there never reviewed. On this channel i have millions of views so i assume they give an account auto ads once it gets many views. my other account usually take 3 hours to a whole day to get approved for monetization. This account has less views in total than the other. I do not think this is a coincidence.
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      Hello i have uploaded a file .mp4 file size 1.71 giga to youtube and it still under review for the past 2 days.. is it normal ? ive cut the fiel into pieces and uploaded all of them and they got accepted in few minutes but why when its one file its taking a lot of time ? if the pieces got accepted it means copyrights is good right?
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      also how much views do i need to start receiving adds without review? and got trusted by youtube?
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    Well, only you know your own numbers. YouTube videos are a great way to generate traffic depending on the niche and the value that you put out there.

    You should be excited when you have something of value that you can put out there, no matter what the marketing method is.

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    i need a help, i used to upload videos to youtube channel since last year and in January i monetized my youtube account. Till now i have uploaded around 47 videos and i was earning around 10-15$ in my adsense account, also i have linked my blog to my adsense account, from that i earned the most and i used to sent links of my blog to friends and tell them to click on the ad and wait in that site for a while. And my youtube channel is "anoonbasil". And in the month of april, my adsense a/c got disabled for invalid click activity and i also given appeal but all the efforts were of no use.

    During that time,one of my video was having only 1200 views and now recently i checked my channel & now that video is having 65488 views,i was not checking my channel because of studies and of my adsense a/c disabled.

    Sir, i want to know whether there is any way to enable my adsense a/c or any way to link my youtube channel with another adsense a/c.
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    I did not know about this just sometime ago that youtube itself collect partners among general people, that is really attracting and thanks for this thread that let me know this...
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    I got the same invite a few months ago... making money with your Youtube videos via Google Adsense ads that appear on your video. But i've been so busy (and lazy) to sign up for it.

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    I would definitely decide which is more important. If I Want my followers to see my content of YT I wonder if you monetize an account if YouTube also drive traffic there?
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    I have let’s say many, many YouTube accounts and I love video marketing but your question on using Google Ad monetization on your YouTube channel means you need to refocus on your basic business model meaning the short answer is.

    If you develop the account for ad revenue from Google, you do fast and massive video development with fast video submissions, then yes, let Google monetization’s run on your YouTube channel and get your income as a business strategy because you want the money from "the ads" not your video content.

    However If you develop the account for video marketing for your business content and you really want folks to see your content then stick with your own monetization scheme. I would advise you stay far away from the YouTube ads as they distract your potential customers and may/will increase your bounce rate too.

    I did a longer answer over on my WSO blog but bottom line is you are there to make an income off your channel via your content then why distract your potential viewers for a few pennies that unless you have a gazillion views will never amount to much.

    Here's to happy video marketing!
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