To all the IM out there, can someone recommend me one niche?

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I know this should be my own work, I should find the niche and the best keywords and start working from there.

The thing is that I already have one "local language" website, but I want to move on greater oceans, and I want to make a international niche.

But I don't know if today it's not my lucky or creativity day, but I can't find any good niches, and the keywords that come up in my mind are already owned by big players.

I just want to have a nice keyword and work on it, I can work on the website, articles, SEO, etc, but I can't get past the first step, that's to find a good niche.

So I want to ask, if someone can give me one good niche keyword by Private Message, of course, or else all the people seeing this post would start the niche for themselves D:

I'm really, really looking for my first website earning me about $20 per day, right now, the joy I would have to accomplish such a website, would be like winning the lottery, but I feel that the only thing that's keeping me to do it, it's to find a good niche...
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