What Freelance Site Works Best For Someone That Is In The UK?

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Alright Warriors

I have been using Odesk for the past two weeks just to get a little bit more money in however I have noticed that people are not offering a great deal of pay in dollars which when converted to the British Pound is hardly nothing at all. I.e someone wants me to input 10K of words into a document for $100 which works at TO BE £63 which isnt really worth it due to the amount of work involve. Maybe if I was in a different country where the dollar was so strong but no in England..
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    peopleperhour.com isn't too bad.
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      Originally Posted by Mick Meaney View Post

      peopleperhour.com isn't too bad.
      Thank you for providing that one Just wondering if you had good feedback with them. Have you done loads of work as a freelancer through them??
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    I haven't done any work through them.. I've hired people from there and they've always been very professional.

    I see common trend on freelance sites, which might help you out..

    Because newcomers with no reputation find it hard to get gigs.. (understandable, I wouldn't take a risk and hire someone who didn't have solid feedback), I've seen a few offering their services at a very low rate to begin with.. limiting the discount to the first 10 orders.

    Seems like a good way to build a reputation there.

    Good luck.
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    http://www.elance.com/ works best in my opinion for those from US, UK and Canada.

    But as as freelancer you cannot compete with those from India, where the average monthly income is $200, so they are more than willing to put 10k of words for $100.
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    How how about Fiverr? Does it work well with UK?
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    You'll find that most outsourcing sites use US dollars as the default currency. US dollars has been the online default currency pretty much from the start of commercial internet tbh.

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