im not the best writer,where to start?

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im wanting to start writing a health and fitness book, but im not the best at writing. wheres the best place to start.
ive been looking around for plr but its hard to find any i can edit, unless im looking in the wrong places.
i thought that may be the best way to start as it will get me to add stuff to it.
any help would be appreciated
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    Maybe look into a course on how to write articles? You don't need to be Hemmingway to be informative and write good content on a blog or site.

    PLR is good for ideas, but it still needs to be re-written to be effective.
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    Have you tried looking in Tiffany Dow's, Nicole Dean's and Ruth's You'll be able to take your pick from there.

    Personally I find that using PLR content takes a huge amount of time and effort out of writing a book. It provides you a solid structure to begin with, and is a helluva lot less daunting than starting out with an utterly blank page.
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    If you have the funds, you can try hiring a Ghost Writer... it may get costly depending on the length of your book though. or another freelancing service may help.

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    I would second that the easiest way is hiring a ghostwriter. But that's not an objective opinion, of course.

    They'll do the research, write the book in an interesting way that keeps the reader engaged, make it flow from beginning to end, and proofread it when it's finished.

    You can find a lot of good writers here on the forum. Make sure you ask to see a sample ebook; not just articles.

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    I have used all different methods to write articles - I dictate and send it out to be typed, I re-work PLR, I hire "ghost writers", and I do the shoot me gig, sitting at the computer and typing YUCK

    Any of these methods work, but if you can speak, dictate it, then have it transcribed - edit it when it comes back
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    What is not clear is do you have special knowledge in this area? If you do, I would suggest you just put all your thoughts and ideas on paper and then hire a ghostwriter to sort it all out.

    I don't think all ghostwriters do editting but some definitely do.
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    You can always be upfront with and say, I'm not a writer, I'm a ___________. I know a lot about ___________. So let me tell you about it.

    And then just be yourself.

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      I think writing is kind of easy, just get your ideas flowing write it down and divide it into sections, I always have a pen and paper whenever I am out waiting for somebody or just in my room.
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    Start practicing. Practice makes perfect or so they say.

    The skill to be a swordsman isn't natural or gained overnight. It takes years of constantly practicing to get the technique down.

    Writing isn't that hard OP, you should know that because you conveyed that you needed help and wanted directions where to start. What makes you think a course in writing would help you convey your ideas over to the reader. Just get dragon speaking software and start yammering away.

    Write how you would talk and so on. You get to practice for free on forums anyway.
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    Personally, I don't think a person should be the "best" writer to become a productive writer in the IM business. As what other warrior had already stated above, you don't need to become a Hemmingway to be a writer and to start your own book or eBook. If you feel that you are not yet capable of writing what you have in mind to write, I would suggest that you might want to read some courses that will help you in improving your writing skills.
    In addition, like what my former college professor had taught me, if you think you're style or skill of writing is not that "good", her suggestion was that, don't stop writing. Even though your article is not that "perfect" as what other people will try to categorized a work, try to finish what you want to write and after you are done with your work, you can then read your work twice to feel if there are parts and phrases that needs to be improved or change. I don't really see the point why people who think they are NOT a good writer would have to stop writing, I mean, it should not be a hindrance to them to give up what they want to write.
    I would suggest, write some articles or niches that you are interested to do like what you have mentioned about health and fitness. Never mind about what others might think about your work, focus on finishing your article/s. Then, like I had said earlier, try to read it twice and then let your friends read it later. Or if you have a friend who you think is capable of editing your work, then it would be better then. Hiring a ghostwriter is good, but when you want to make your own book, it is better if you are the one writing that book since you are familiar with what you have been talking in your book rather than written by other people. But I wouldn't say that hiring is not good.
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    You can always outsource writing, but I think writing is a good skill go to have for any business. I would just keep writing and writing and writing and soon your writing will improve gradually.

    You never know, you might grow a new found love in writing.
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